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Our wedding is very low budget and we are doing everything by ourselves. I have a pair of really nice diamond earrings that I wanted to trade for my wedding band, but every jeweler I have called in Bangor will only trade for another pair of earrings. I don't want to take them to a pawn shop, because I don't believe I will get much for them. And I don't know what size they are so I could sell them on craigslist. Then I was thinking of taking the stones and make another ring from them. Any ideas?
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Re: Bangor Area Jewlers

  • meganyanimeganyani member
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    Have you tried Quality Jewelers? They've done custom work for me on a bracelet that wasn't from their store. I trust them very much and their prices are great.

    Don't know if they will "trade" but you could at least get the stones put into something else.
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    I have also had fantastic customer service from Quality Jewelers with my engagement ring! I highly recommend them.
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