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Boudoir photographer?

   Does anyone know a good photographer who has done boudoir photos?  I am thinking about doing them for my fiance for a wedding gift and would appreciate any suggestions!

Re: Boudoir photographer?

  • Your local board can probably help you find one!
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  • Definitely post this on your local.  You can also Google boudoir photos, Houston and a bunch of sites will magically appear.  Make sure you check reviews.
  • AMAZING Photographer----When I decided I to get Boudoir pics done for my fiance as a wedding gift I was a little reluctant because I wanted them to be classy, sultry and sexy, not tacky or trashy. I asked around for references and a friend recommend Couture Boudoir: When saw my friends pics I was so blown away that I knew right away that's who I wanted to use. Prices were affordable, and the photographer made me feel comfortable and beautiful. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my pictures. I cant wait to see the look on my fiances face when i give them to him on our wedding night!

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