Bride and Groom Only?

Does everyone in the wedding party have to have bouttonieres/corsages/flowers? We're on a budget, and if we have to squeeze some in for the wedding party, it can be done. We are doing an alternative for my bouquet as well as FI's bouttoniere. I was thinking along the lines of a single stem flower for bridesmaids, if it was necessary.

Re: Bride and Groom Only?

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    My son and his wife had a very minimalist wedding.  They had a best man and matron of honor.  The bride and MOH carried simple bouquets.  No one else had flowers.  They were not missed; no one seemed to even notice.  The wedding was beautiful.

    I have seen weddings in which BM's carried single stem flowers.  It looks lovely.
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    One of my college roommates did the single stems for her bridesmaids. I loved how it looked. 
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  • If you find yourself on a tight budget but don't want to forgo the boutineers, you should try making them yourself!  You can get inexpensive flowers from, they show up looking great, and you can DIY.  They look awesome, and you don't have to spend a fortune trying to pull it off.  Furthermore, they have tutorials on their site that make it super easy!

  • my BMs carried small bouquets. the men had pocket squares (looked great and nobody missed boutoneirs).  the dads had bouts, and the moms had single roses. grandmas had corsages.

    i love the look of single or trio of stems for bridesmaids. go for it! =)
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