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Victorian decoration

I need ideas for decorating my ceremony site as well as centerpieces for the reception. I'm going with a Victorian theme but I am feeling lost.

Re: Victorian decoration

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    Here are some of my favorite pics I found previosly for someone:



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    Thank you
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    I'm doing a Victorian theme. Here are some ways we tried to include the theme:
    --We are using grecian urns for our centerpieces 
    --Cameo jewelry and chocolate cameos on guest's cake slices. Cameo charms on cake 
    -- Wedgewood china-looking cake
    --candles on the tables and have a candelabra on the head table. 
    -- lace tablecloths on the gift, guestbook, and favor tables. 
    --favors--women get a fan with Victorian flirtation instructions attached.
    -- classical music at dinner
    -- Gibson-girl inspired hair
    -- heavily bustled dress, cutaway coat tuxes
    -- Victorian photo wall with props like top hats, feather boa, and mustaches on sticks
    If you can get a Victorian venue, the decorations can take care of themselves. 

    Here are some pics of my items/inspirations

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