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40-Plus Brides

Hi everyone!

I didn't know this board existed until a few minutes ago!  I love it!  I spend a lot of time on my wedding month board (June 2012) and I'm sure I'm the oldest bride-to-be on there!  : )  I'm glad I found this board!

A little about myself...this is my first marriage, FI's second.  He's got two daughters that I adore.  Together we have a furbaby, named Bailey.  We are getting married at a countryclub and the ceremony and reception are at the same location.  We've been engaged since May last year.  I wanted a long engagement because I am trying to finish up school (I'll finally be finishing my bachelor's) and we bought a house last summer so I didn't want too many big changes happening at the same time. I am very much enjoying wedding planning and am glad I have plenty of time.  I have most of the big stuff taken care of already.

I look forward to getting to know you ladies a little better!!  How soon is everyone else around getting married?
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Re: Hi everyone!

  • Welcome aboard!

    I have no date yet, although the site forced me to pick one when I signed up and I sometimes hang in the September board because of that. I'm at the mercy of US immigration.

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  • Thanks for the warm welcome!!!  If this board is new, it's no wonder I hadn't seen it before!!  I'm glad it's here now. 

    Spike - love your date!!!  Actually I don't live in the OC now, but have off and on  over the last 20 years!  I've lived in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Anaheim, Cypress and Fullerton.  We bought our home in Upland now.  I went to high school in Hacienda Heights, but have a couple of friends that went to Esparanza.  After high school, I went to Fullerton JC for a little while and worked at the Costco (when it was still Price Club) in Fullerton.  Where in OC are you?

    jbc - your furbabies are adorable...I can see their little heads in the back!  : )

    Lucy - That's great that you are having his daughter as your MOH!!  My soon-to-be step daughters are bridesmaid in our wedding.  I didn't watch any of the royal wedding this morning, but look forward to watching it when I get home.  I recorded it so I can skip stuff that is boring!  LOL

    Sommerville - any idea when immigration stuff will be taken care of so you can set your date???
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  • @WEEZIE918: Nah, it's totally out of our hands. It's like the IRS. They could lose any document and demand a new one at any point. Could be hard to schedule interviews at the consulate in London. All sorts of stuff is still a moving target.
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  • @memSomerville, you have my sympathies!  NotFroofy is also an immigrant, and it took us nine years to get her a green card--which arrived only a few weeks before our wedding.  (Because ours was a same-sex wedding, we couldn't get her a fiancée visa.)

    I've got also some friends who are going through the fiancée visa process now, and they have had everything go wrong up to and including ICE losing the visa application, which meant that the application had to be filed again in a different year, in which the US groom had much less income he could declare on the visa application.  And of course, once the visa is issued, you have only 90 days to plan the wedding.

    I do hope your situation gets resolved soon!
  • I got married in January (first time for both of us in our mid/late 30's). But I so wish this board existed last year!! I mostly stuck to my local and month boards because the people on the national boards frequently just mean. I don't mind people who are honest, but I feel like people use these boards to say the things they wouldn't say in person and are just rude. Plus many of them are just..young. Not their fault. =)
    I found this board last night and then my computer went down so I couldn't post anything but - 2dBride -- I love the beautiful sentiment behind your ring. What a sweet story!!!
    I feel like we're all dealing with immigration issues!!! DH is a legal resident, but not a citizen (long story). He applied for citizenship almost 2 years ago now and we're still waiting. So frustrating!!!
    Congrats and good luck to you all!!!!
  • @2dBride : Yeah, we have heard all sorts of variations on the process. We don't know what to expect. A lot of wait then hurry up.

    I will say this though: I always used to say I wouldn't take advantage of a right that's denied to my friends (marriage). But then my gay friends all started getting married, and I ran out of excuses Wink . Still, I was reluctant as FI and discussed the legal requirements for us to be in the same country together and we couldn't find another way that wouldn't be brutally and ridiculously lengthy. I told him about my feelings, and he promised me that he would come here and help me to fight for the destruction of DOMA. It sealed the deal.

    It also helps to be in Massachusetts which is a bit ahead on this. And btw: I thank you for spending your wedding dollars here!  I'm so glad that ultimately you could marry NotFroofy. Truly.
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  • welcome i just found this board as well may 26,2012 is when we are getting marred in mexico
  • So relate to what you all are saying about the timing of this board.  I'm getting married next Saturday and would love to have had it for the past year. As I said in my first post, though, better late than never.  Lots of other forty-something brides will benefit!! 
    It really is just nice not to feel like your the age of most of the MOB's of the folks you're talking to!!  Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!!  Barbara
  • Hi everyone.  We are gettting married in 4 weeks, May 28, 2011.   This is my first marriage and FI second marriage.  We were high school sweethearts and then didn't see each other for 17 years.  We've been together almost 10 years and finally decided it's time to get married.
  • Probably both--definitely ready.  We've been engaged since 1/1/10, but I was involved in a political campaign last year, so we had to put off the wedding until this year. It's funny, everyone else says I don't seem stressed at all, but I think it comes out a bit more at home.  Glad I hired a wedding planner to help out with things this week.  I did a lot myself, but I knew I was going to want to be able to hand things off and not run the show at the rehearsal dinner and wedding/reception, since we're having over 100 at the RD (casual pig pickin) and over 200 at the wedding itself (traditional church with reception at a country club).

    I'm working Monday and Tuesday and very much looking forward to Wednesday, when I can turn my attention to the wedding!!  But, we're not going on a honeymoon til next year.  With my work schedule, the cost of the wedding, the cost of an addition he's putting on his house, and the fact I've got several work conferences we're attending this summer, we decided to hold off and do something we'd really enjoy next year.

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    Welcome, Weezie! 

    We're getting married in 61 days, on Sunday, July 3rd.  That will be the 5th anniversary of our first date/the day we met.  The $$ is going into the wedding and reception, with no honeymoon planned.  If we won the lottery (or if I get a job) that would quickly change to a two-week trip to Italy.  ;)

    Congratulations on your engagement!  Good luck planning and have fun every step of the way!
  • We are doing a destination wedding in Mexico - so staying there for a few days after everyone else leaves is our honeymoon.

    BUT FI is graduating college in the winter - we've decided we are going to do a big vacation to coordinate with that.  I'm thinking Fiji or Bali...

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