custom rubber stamps?

Hi ladies! Congrats on your upcoming weddings!

I spent a lot of time on this board when I was planning my wedding!

I had a question that I thought you knotties would be able to answer! Does anyone know of the stores in Seattle that make custom rubber stamps and about how much they cost?

Thank you

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Re: custom rubber stamps?

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    I don't know of any in Seattle, but there are a lot of custom stamp listings on ebay that are under $10 and very little shipping cost. I'm sure that some custom invitation designers in the area would be able to get you a local custom stamp though if you would prefer that.
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    If you can't find anything local, vistaprint does custom stamps and they are pretty cheap. 
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    Etsy is also a great source for creative and fun stamp designs.
  • You may have already figured something out but I just had a custom Save the Date stamp made at Impress Rubber Stamps (U-village).  It was about $14 and they had it ready in about a week. They don't create the design for you there...if you need that too, I had a rubber stamp maker on Etsy create and send me the image for $20 (I needed the stamps faster than anyone on Etsy could create and ship it to me).  
  • Probably a bit late in answering, but petsonalizationmall.com makes great stamps!
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