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Bubbles or petal toss?

So our venue does not allow sparklers, confetti, rice, or birdseed. We are left with bubbles or flower petals for guests to throw at the send off. Which would look better in pictures? And what do you think about cost comparison? With the petals I could DIY some paper cones to put the petals in. Thoughts?

Re: Bubbles or petal toss?

  • I'd prefer bubbles. I think they'd last a bit longer and so might be better for pictures, rather than everyone just throwing petals once and that's it. The only downside might be getting a bit of soap on your dress, but I can't imagine it would really do much damage.
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    Chcek with your venue on this one - ours doesn't allow petals, confetti, rice, birdseed, or anything else that has to be cleaned up.  If your venue doesn't allow the confetti, etc, they probably won't allow the rose petals, either.  Same mess, same cleanup problem.

    Personally, I like the bubble sendoffs better because you can still see the bride & groom through them.  I've seen a lot of rose petal sendoffs where the petals cover the bride & groom's faces and you don't get to see much at all.... aside from the petals, that is.
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  • Watch out for the petals too- that can get costly. My florist said it was going to cost at least $50 for the basic send off- and that was average that I found! So I nixed that idea! I'd use bubbles. Or ribbon wands- those can be cute for pictures as well!
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  • My cousin did bubbles and it was horrible. Everyone was blowing bubbles at people.. people left the ceremony sticky and gross.. Id use petals ( which you can buy in bulk cheap) or  ribbon wands which look great.
    Im trying to talk my ceremony site into petals. We'll see how it goes

    Good luck planning!
  • My priest shared a scary story about a grandmother of the bride slipping on petals and fracturing her hip after couple left... I would opt for bubbles totally based on that. 
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  • Agreed with many previous comments. Bubbles can be messy and I wouldn't want that stuff in my face or on my dress. Petals sound expensive, and definitely have to be more coordinated for the photos to work out. I LOVE the ribbon idea -- cheap and green, plus you can customize which colors, what lengths, etc. :)

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  • Between the two, I would probably pick petals, but I'm biased (my middle name is Rose so I always favor them). Althought with that comment about the grandma and the hip, I would make sure someone was near elderly guests just in case. We are planning on having straw shooters. Fi always tries to shoot the wrapper of his straws at me, and we can get a nice big bulk package for like $11 at Sams Club. We'll have to prep all the straw and have them ready, but it should be fun.
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