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Does anyone have any recommendations for bridal gown locations in / around Pittsburgh?

Thanks for any insight!


  • I bought my dress a month ago from MB Bride in Greensburg. My consultant was great, and the prices are good. I just found the Justin Alexander MSRP was $200 above what I paid. 

    I also went to Bridal Beginning, thought it was okay and found a dress, but they aren't listed as a retailer on the Tara Keely site so I stayed away. It was also weird because they stuck the people I brought with me in the dressing room as I changed, and I flashed everyone in the room multiple times.

    Carlisle's was nice enough, but I discovered that sample sale sites like ideeli also sell their dresses. 
  • I went to it seemed to be every bridal salon in the area. I ended up getting my dress at Bridal beginnings! Great store as previous post said they kinda stuck you in a room with people you were with to try on but mostly my mom and aunt were out in the fitting room. Went to Exqusite Bridal and HATED them... very rude. hite Orchird was nice, but didnt have what I was looking for. MB was nice selection, but heard not so great things with them in many aspects, but every has bad and good experience at all of them.. Babettes didn't seem to have anything.. very much more into prom selectoion. Do you have a certain designer you are looking for?
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  • I also had a horrid experince at the exquiste bride. super rude. i got mine at bridal beginnings as well, but theyre really expensive. the bm dresses my girls got were a solid 50 dollars more there than at another store. have you tried alfred angelos? be careful at mb bride if you get their alterations package. you pay a solid fee for something, but may not need all of that stuff done, so youll end up paying more than you need.
  • I actually got my dress at the Exquisite Bride on rt 8 (Gibsonia) and had a wonderful experience! 
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  • I strongly recomend Michael's Bridal Galleria off of Perry Highway! Yolanda is the owner and seamstress and I cannot stress how amazing she was and how great my experience was!
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  • In Response to Re: BRIDAL GOWN STORES:
    [QUOTE]I strongly recomend Michael's Bridal Galleria off of Perry Highway! Yolanda is the owner and seamstress and I cannot stress how amazing she was and how great my experience was!
    Posted by KSerafin17[/QUOTE]

    I 2nd this! I also had a great experience at Exquisite Bride on Route 8, but ended up getting my dress at Michaels.
  • I bought my gown at MB Bride in Greensburg.  It is about a 45 minute ride from where my parents live (I live in Philadelphia currently), but it was well worth the drive!!  The dresses are all hanging (not in plastic bags) so you can pick whatever you want to take into your room (instead of giving the stylist an idea) and you can see and feel all the dresses in close detail before trying them on - This was really helpful to me  because it let me rule out some dresses quicker. 

    After you pick your dresses (you can always pick more, also) I went into the changing room (they're HUGE after being in a small David's Bridal changing room) and my mom and grandma waited outside the room for me.  It was so hassle free and I felt like my consultant really listened to what I was saying about what I wanted.  I found my dress there in my first visit and actually just went back on Friday to try in my dress after it came in.  It's PERFECT and I had great service on my second visit as well.  They even sent down one of their seamstresses to talk to me about what alterations I wanted / what their alterations package covers / what kind of bustles I could do on my dress.  I really can't say enough - I was REALLY pleased with them (both times!) and can't wait to go back in February for my first fitting!! :) 
  • also had a wonderful experience at michaels bridal galleria. now that the wedding is over i can say that the alterations turned out perfectly as well, the dress fit perfectly.
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  • I also bought my dress as MB Bride in Greensburg.  It's about 55 miles from where I live, but it came highly recommended by my MOH so it was my first (and only) stop.

    Something to consider- a lot of people can have very different experiences at the same salons due to timing.  If you go on a weekend be prepared for the salon to be busy and to possibly feel rushed.  

    I scheduled my appointment for first thing when the shop opened on a Wednesday (yeah I sacrificed a day at work), but I had the entire store to myself for the majority of my appointment, one other bride-to-be arrived when I was finishing up.  It worked out great for me, I pulled every dress I wanted to try on and I didn't have to worry that someone else had a dress I wanted in their fitting room and having to wait.
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