Name your theme! (if you have one)

I love the idea of a theme, even if it's very simple and subtle...I just can't think of ANY.  My brain is shot, so what are your themes?  I need help thinking of one or getting ideas! TIA
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Re: Name your theme! (if you have one)

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  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    Our theme was "He gives me butterflies" and we kept it subtle. There was a tiny gold butterfly on the invitation and on the RSVP card, floating butterfly candles in the centerpieces, I had a butterfly jewel in my bouquet, and even though we had open bar, we had a signature drink called a Butterfly Kiss which was a cotton candy martini and I had a sign at both bars describing what was in it.

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    City Chic - very urban, modern, romantic. Our wedding is at The Gershon Fox Room which was perfect since it is in the city and has a really metropolitan feel. W'e're doing our engagement pics in NYC and going for a high fashion kind of feel. I wanted everything to feel very high end and well chic. lol
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    Just going with our colors - orange and yellow. He loves orange - his show truck is orange and silver. Our invites are (DIY) white with orange flowers/scrolls, my girls' dresses are orange...
  • calindicalindi member
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    The overarching color scheme is antique garden.  Cornflower blue with antique gold highlights and pops of peach, pink, and yellow.

    We may also be doing an international theme - he and I are both BIG travelers and have traveled a lot together.  Sort of a "no matter where you travel, we'll find our way home" type theme - our venue even has a lighthouse, and since he's military, we were thinking about incorporating that idea into the ceremony.  We'd be having old maps as the background for the table numbers, give out little compasses as escort cards, have international stations for dinner (Europe, Asia, Latin America), do postcard or antique plane ticket-style for STDs, etc.



  • 2bpescadita2bpescadita member
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    We did our monogram on most things with a touch of a dragonfly on the invitation, the bouquets and cake. Reception is at a vineyard so i'm incorporating grapes on the centerpieces and cake as well.
  • estegemanestegeman member
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    We are doing movie theme!  My FI is an independant film maker and we are going for a classy movie theme wedding...our STD's will be movie lingo like "Coming soon..."  we are working on the invitations to look like old movie tickets and the table numbers will be framed movie posters (small)  appropriate for the guests sitting at the table..."The Professional" for work friends and so forth...Our ceremony programs will read like the credits of a movie.  Our venue, The Society Room is perfect for our theme with the intimate, romantic, and grand atmosphere.  I am thinking about doing a really creative cake with the "clapper" and different movie inspired items, our favors are gormet popcorn from Harry and David.  We are not getting too crazy with the theme, just little things... :)
  • Vanessa630Vanessa630 member
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    We're sticking with our color theme of black, white, and silver. For the silver, we have some things in the double heart theme (invitation seals, napkins, charms for our save the date magnets, etc.)
  • TBee99TBee99 member
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    New England Nautical. My fiance is from the Mid-West so it will be a desitnation wedding for many guests. I want the wedding to have a very New England cottage feel, with touches of of the beach. Don't think palm trees, but more shells, lighthouses, lobster pots, and nautical-inspired lanterns.
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    We are doing a similar New England Nautical theme, but are focusing on adirondack chairs and the laid back summery feel they have. We are getting married at The Riverhouse which overlooks the CT river. We also have a boat and spend most of our summer on the river, so we are trying to incoporate that feel. Our save the dates and invites have a picture of 2 adirondack chairs facing each other. Our place cards are little adirondack chairs. Our table numbers are going to be the names of different parts of the river (Haddam Island, Seldon's Creek, etc.) (And there is a little island called Rich Island and since Rich is my FI's last name, that's going to be the name of our table! :) ) Our colors are blue and white to also go with the nautical feel.
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  • Melissa603Melissa603 member
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    We are doing a star theme. We will be using star champagne flutes, star candles that I found on etsy, and work it it in to the cake and invitations. I'm just working on making classy and not scream kids birthday party. 
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    Bright, springy and slightly rustic

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  • Vikki2payVikki2pay member
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    We did butterflies and our colors were orange and yellow.
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    our theme is love (hearts) with the colors hot pink and black.
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  • klm03013klm03013 member
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    My grandmother left me a bluebird of happiness, and that has sprung into my theme. We have bluebird invitations, cake toppers, cocktail napkins, and other small accents. Maybe I went a touch overboard with it, but I am matchy-matchy and I love it.
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    White Green Gray! 
    modern chic feel I guess even though its at Mystic lol...
    No flower center pieces for this one, well not all of them I think some green apples and limes in big glass vases filled with water!
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    Also going with the "nautical" theme, but ours is like "Romantic Nautical."

    The colors I chose were light purple and light pink for the BM dresses and flowers, but we're getting married at Mystic Seaport, so nautical was a must, but we didn't want to go "overboard" (like my pun? lol).

    • Unity ceremony: we will be "Tying the Knot" a la nautical style with rope (to symbolize the strength of our union, the coming together of 2 ropes, and we will be doing the Fishermans' knot - also known as the True Love knot)
    • Table numbers: are sailboats that we bought off eBay that we painted the numbers on the sails
    • Placecards: message in a bottle - cork top bottles with a scroll with each guests name on it in side, ribbon tied around the neck that has their table assignment, and they will be in sandboxes (like they're finding their message on the beach) once they enter the venue
    • Flowers: my bouquet and the cake topper will have some lavender hydrangea in it (hydrangea is the ultimate nautical wedding flower!)
    • FI is wearing a navy blazer and light colored trousers, white shirt, and silver tie, and dock siders shoes.  GMs are similar with a more green/gray tie
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  • EStar73EStar73 member
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    "Modern Vintage" I guess

    - Our colors are white, black, gold with pops of red
    - Our invites are modeled after my parents 1985 wedding invitations.
    - My reception dress is inspired by my gradnmothers 1952 wedding dress
    - Our music is being done by a DJ but will have that jazz lounge and big band feel
    - The boys shoes are converse in ode to The Dead Poets Society
    - The centerpieces and seating charts are inspired by the 1950's Mona Lisa Smile wedding
    - Our venue is The Bond Ballroom which has the huge dance floor and the very 1940's style decor (it reminds me of the room where Allie gets engaged in The Notebook)

    Basically we're taking the things we love about past decades and meshing them together in a way that still feels very "today"
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    Since we got married on Martha's Vineyard we did a country chic vineyard wedding. I was very adament about using all flowers that can be actually found on the vineyard so that my reception flowed with feel of the island and our venue. We also did table names that were places on the island. In the pictures below you can see how the centerpieces matched the venue.

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Name your theme! (if you have one)</a>:
    [QUOTE]City Chic - very urban, modern, romantic. Our wedding is at The Gershon Fox Room which was perfect since it is in the city and has a really metropolitan feel. W'e're doing our engagement pics in NYC and going for a high fashion kind of feel. I wanted everything to feel very high end and well chic. lol
    Posted by MsDiamondPrincess[/QUOTE]

    lol x2 almost exactly...cept sans e-pics in NYC. we went to new haven (but we almost did new york!! haha)
  • herb0622herb0622 member
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    Our wedding is a Disney/fairy tale theme. We didn't want to go overboard  with it , but at each table, instead of table numbers we are putting a different location that FI and I have been to in Disney, and then a photo of each of us at that location (FI and I have been 8 times together lol). Our cake topper is Mickey and Minnie in wedding attire.
  • Laurensara18Laurensara18 member
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    We are doing a travel theme. Still trying to figure out how much 'theme' we want, but we are big travelers so we talked about having the seating cards be plane tickets, the program being a passport and the tables all being names of cities we have visited together with a picture of us there... still in the early stages of this all coming together though. I also wanted to have a 'modern + vintage touches' look. The colors are white, black, purple and silver.
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