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New Hampshire

Name Change - Middle Name = Maiden Name

For All of you who are already married, did you have trouble with changing your name?! Most of my friends live in Maine and they have easily changed there Maiden Names to there middle names. I was able to do this easily with the SS office, but the DMV flat out refuses to change my initial on my drivers license! Which is frustrating because everything else goes off of that. What did you do?! 

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Re: Name Change - Middle Name = Maiden Name

  • The DMV is being stupid, and I would call and report them.  I've heard that some states have decided that you can't change your middle initial on your license from what is on your birth certificate because of security reasons, but I haven't heard that around here and I think regardless, it's more of a security issue if it doesn't match what is on your social security card.  If possible, I would try a different DMV, and/or wait until your new security card arrives and make a huge stink at the DMV because if your state-issued ID doesn't match your federal ID, it's a huge problem with identity confirmation which, to me, is a huge security issue.

    I went to the DMV in Portsmouth, and after having changed my middle name to both my old middle name and my maiden name (so I went from being AJP to AJPB), I was told that I could only have one middle initial on my license, but I was given a choice of which one I wanted.  It really shouldn't be a problem.

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