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Question for everyone: How did you /are you going to personalize your ceremonies or make them unique and memorable?

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  • Uncontroversial things: the choice of hymns, the clothes (I really think the little old ladies of my parish will be impressed with how modest and posh the entire wedding party's clothes are - a small thing, but it's something); ours will also be the first wedding the particular priest has officiated at

    Controversial things: chuppah, glass-breaking (My future husband and I are both ethnically Jewish)
  • Our music, having our close family and friends in the WP and our clothing. It'll be personal because it's the two of you. I feel like sometimes keeping simple is often more beautiful.
  • Our music, our wedding rings are heirlooms (mine is my great grandmother's, his is his grandfather's), our priest is a good friend, the homily included our thoughts on the readings we chose, and the colors and decorations (minimal) really spoke to who we were.

    The ceremony is less about us and more about the relationship we are forming with Christ.  While we were able to work in a few personal elements, we were really honored by the traditions we were partaking of with thousands of couples around the world.  The reception was where our personalities really showed.

    Off-topic:  EJ, the pastoral associate and RCIA instructor at our parish told a hilarious story about a bride asking for really strange things (like doves being released inside the church) that included a chuppah because she'd done research and found out she had one (and only one) Jewish relative (like, grandmother's uncle once removed or something), so your post made me laugh.  I like that your church is allowing you to include that part of your culture, though.  I also really hope you share pictures, because it sounds like it's going to be lovely.



  • Our readings; the music; the clothes, flowers and music; the fact that the priest was a friend and brought "us" into the homily; presentation to Mary; the great deal of reverence we carried with us through the ceremony. We were truly present and praying at Mass, not getting through it to go party. We requested the use of incense and kneelers (for the consecration -- we sat for the Liturgy of the Word). 
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  • We're borrowing a tradition from the group where we met and adding a special ring blessing by all present before the priest blesses them. The rings will be passed around in their box, and everyone who chooses to do so may say a prayer or make a wish before passing them to the next person. FH and I will be the last ones to bless them. We only have 20 guests, so it won't make the ceremony too long.
  • Thanks, professor. For the record, those things weren't controversial with the parish staff/bishop/whatever, but have been controversial on theknot. In fact, the pastor almost brought up the glass breaking himself in our first "meeting" [It was by phone.].
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    As others have said, the readings, the pre-ceremony music, the hymns we selected (our favorites), the music for the communion meditation, the presentation to the Virgin Mary.

    Also, our programs...and this: my husband's father and my mother both passed away several years ago. At the beginning of the processional, his son walked a picture of his father, and my niece walked a picture of my mother, up the aisle. We had a table set up near the front of the church, covered in a gold cloth, and the pictures were set on that table.

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