Groom and Grooms men suits

My fiance is looking for a sort of fitted, mod style suit. With a slimmer fit in Ottawa On.

If anyone has any idea's of where to go please let me know.


Re: Groom and Grooms men suits

  • I'm in Ottawa as well.. Does he want to buy or rent?
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  • Moores. My FI stood up in  wedding last fall and he bought a suit for it - $199. So we're doing the same for our wedding. In my area (Manitoba) tux rentals start at $199. So it's a no brainer really.
  • My H's groomsmen and himself all rented from Moore's as well.  I don't know if you are looking to buy or rent though.  But he was happy with his Moore's rental and they were easy to deal with.

  • Since you're in Ottawa, run to the David's Bridal there and grab one of their Moore's catalogues, there are a ton of great coupons in there.

    If you have five tux rentals (can include people whoa re not in the bridal party) the groom's is free.
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