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Muslim Weddings

New here

First off, I'm very excited to find a forum like this one. I am a non-Muslim marrying a Muslim man. Happy to find such a positive and wedding-focused place :) 

My fiance and I have decided to have two weddings, one Westernized and one in Morocco. That being said, I very much want to incorporate and embrace Islam into our U.S. ceremony. Morocco is my second home, and I would love to incorporate something to honor his family. I was considering trying to have an Imam present at the ceremony, but am not sure how easy it would be to find an Imam to help officiate a ceremony between a Muslim and a non-Muslim. Can anyone share ideas for honoring my fiance's religion while still maintaining the basic form of a Western wedding?

Nice to meet all of you by the way!

Re: New here

  • HinajHinaj member
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    Congrats on the engagement!  I don't think an Imam can officiate a ceremony between a Muslim and a non-Muslim.  I think they require that you convert to Islam.  My cousin's wife converted muslim before getting married.  The wedding was officiated by the Imam and they incorporated the western culture by doing the western ceremony after that. 

    Happy Planning!
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    That's true, an Imam probably wouldn't officiate...back to the drawing boards!
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    You may find an imam to officiate actually. It depends on how ;iberal that imam is. I managed to find one that will be officiating our ceremony (I am muslim, and my fiance is not). They are out there, trust m, you just have to look for them.

    Technically, an imam should officiate a ceremony between a muslim and non-muslim if you are jewish or christian (people of the book). This should not be an issue as your fiance is male - it's a bit of an issue the other way around (like me) though.

    Let me know how it works out.
  • HinajHinaj member
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    That could be it!  Although I have yet to see one here.  I would say start asking around in the Boston area. 
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    ohh how nice to see people on this board actually talking. Like pp said just ask around, you may find one that will do it for you. goodluck



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    I'm definitely going to start looking around north of Boston, especially in the Revere area. I'll let you know if I find anyone, just for future reference!

    Thanks for the advice!
  • Rushmi_JasonRushmi_Jason member
    edited December 2011
    I live in Austin, Tx, and it was pretty much impossible to find an imam willing to marry me (Muslim) and my Christian fiance without him converting - because I am Muslim. Everywhere I looked, and whichever Muslim person with authority that I spoke to (and I looked near and far), told me it would have been okay if it was the other way round. There was 1 Imam I found in California who is willing to travel out to perform weddings between Muslim women and non-Muslim men. His name is Imam Khaleel Mohammed, and his website is www.forpeoplewhothink.org.Basically, the problem is that the Quran states somehting along the lines that a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman of the books (Christian or Jewish). However, because there is NO implicit statement about Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men, it is assumed it is forbidden by Muslim clergymen. Dumdidum, it can be a really frustrating situation, but If you would prefer to not convert (coz you are not required to), i think you should be able to find an imam in the Bostron area who is willing to officiate for you guys:-) Hope this helps...
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    Hi Rushmi,

    Did you book the imam from California to officiate for your wedding? I hope so, and I wish you so much look with your wedding plans! I know other Muslim women dating non-Muslim men and it has been difficult for them. I've decided to stop looking for an imam for the time being. My fiance is out of the country, so I think it will be much easier once he is here and can meet with officiants with me. Or if we can't find an officiant, we will try to think of some way to incorporate Islam into the ceremony.
  • princessnouraprincessnoura member
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    i dont think it should be any trouble finding an imam to officiate between a muslim man and non muslim woman. there is nothing in the religion that says a man cant marry a non muslim woman. Goodluck!
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    I second that you can find someone.  The prophet married non-muslims so its okay for muslim men to marry non-muslims.  Good luck!  We are just working to find a place where we are getting married that isn't too far away.
  • If you're looking for a great Imam in Boston, check out Imam William at http'://www.isbcc.org

    He is a great man, I took my shahada from him a few months ago. He converted from Christianity and is American and speaks excellent Arabic and English. I am marrying a Saudi Muslim... and it is required (since we are going to be living in Saudi) that I be Muslim to be married to him. However many Muslim countries do allow Muslim men to marry non-Muslim women (as long as they are Jewish or Christian). Since the religion is passed through the father, this does not create problems for children- they will be Muslim regardless (technically). But a Muslim woman must marry a Muslim man so that her children will continue the Muslim tradition (technically). This is how it has been explained to me! 
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