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Long Job Vent

I am so frustrated right now I don't know what to do next and it's really making me nervous.  This might get kind of lengthy so I'll apologize in advance for that.

First of all, I'm a psychology major, and earning a bachelor's degree in psychology doesn't lead to very many open doors.  But by sheer luck almost two years ago now I found an opportunity for an internship in the juvenile justice realm (juvenile probate to be exact), and just completed it earlier this month.  I LOVED working there and was really sad to leave.  The intern that was taking my place mentioned a job that she had found to apply for at a juvenile justice facility, and I jumped on applying for that one as quickly as possible.  This was still June.

I was contacted later on in June that I would need to do some testing, and pass with a certain score in order to be considered for the job, which is fine.  The test results wouldn't be mailed until 3 weeks later, which is okay with me.  I did pass, and in turn was set up for an interview today.

So I had the interview, and by the end was informed that it would be ANOTHER 3 weeks before I would be contacted again.  I don't know if this is the norm for jobs, but it feels like a really long time to wait!  I've been putting my job searching on hold and working food service for now just because I don't want anything to interfere if I get it, but FI and I just moved into a new rental house and without a good paying job we're struggling a bit.

Maybe I'm just being impatient.  Is it normal to have to wait 3 months for a response from ONE job?  If I don't end up getting it in the end I will be so crushed.

Thanks for letting me vent in multiple paragraphs :)

ETA: I forgot to mention that I haven't actually graduated yet.  I'm a senior.  Which makes finding career-related job searches even more difficult.
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Re: Long Job Vent

  • larzhopelarzhope member
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    That does seem like an awfully long time.  I'm sorry - that is really frustrating.  BUT, try to hang in there.  I was also a psychology major who ended up going to grad school after realizing I just didn't feel comfortable working the types of jobs I was going to be able to find after spending so much on my undergrad (I went to a private school - not a smart choice!).

    Have you started to put your feelers out there for other jobs?  Does your campus have a career center? a lot of times, we had companies that would post jobs through our campus career center in September/October knowing full well that the person wouldn't be able to start until after their graduation the following May.

    It may just be worth it to try.  I remember when I was in grad school and the economy was starting to tank... I started applying to every single job I could find on the internet that was even remotely related to my field.  It was a lot of work that didn't pan out to much (i did get a few interviews out of it though!) but it did give me some piece of mind that I was doing SOMETHING! :)

    Good luck, I'm sorry this process is so drawn out!
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    Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. 3 weeks is a very long time to wait and if they contact you to let you know you didn't get the job, that's three months lost that you will never get back. Keep applying for other jobs, even if you don't think you're qualified (over qualified or under qualified). 

    My advice is to definitely start networking. Contact your past professors, and ask them if they can give you leads on anything. Go to the career resources and see if they can give you any recs.
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    I should go back to the career center - it was through them that I got my first internship, though I found it on our school's online database type thing.  They might have other jobs listed that aren't easy to find by the general public.  Thanks!
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    I wouldn't put everything on hold for one job either.  When I was looking for a job I applied to everything that interested me, even while I was getting interviews regularly.  You don't want to loose all that time if you don't end up getting this job. Employers know there is a flooded market & know that they can take their time in hiring since it's not like people are getting snatched up by other positions.  When there's a large amount of people looking for work, employers can do what they want.  It's flusterating to have to wait so long, but I think it's normal.
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    For your first job you need to apply EVERYWHERE that you are qualified.  I did that last year and ended up teaching (I'm Elementary Education) in Detroit at a charter school.  Charter schools were the last place on my list of where I wanted to work.  However, it gave me a years experience and I've found its been much easier for me this summer to get interviews compared to people I know who haven't had that experience.  Prior to that, I had interned for a year, but interning is definitely not the same thing as the real job.  I still haven't landed a job yet, however, most teaching hiring doesn't take place until August so I still have hope.
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