Local Kaua'i Brides?

I was just wondering if there are any other local Kaua'i/Hawai'i brides around here? I am a Kaua'i girl and I now live in Denver.  Getting married on Kaua'i will kind of be like a destination wedding for me in that I will be planning from afar and friends and the fiancee's family will be flying in for the occasion. But its likely not going to end up to be a small event considering aunties, uncles, and my cousins friend's sister's niece is going to show up anyways. Just looking for some people that may be able to relate. I'm curious to talk about venue ideas, doing a registry (since that doesn't seem to be a common thing), tent lighting & decorations, accomodations, etc.

Re: Local Kaua'i Brides?

  • Hi! I live on Kauai (orginally from Oahu) and am getting married (on Oahu though... but there's not too many local brides on these boards......) and would love to relate to you :) I had previously already planned a wedding at Waimea Plantation Cottages but then it just got too out of budget so we moved it to Oahu. Anywho let's chat!

  • Welcome!  We have a few local brides from a number of islands on this board although they aren't around every day.  Looking forward to hearing more about your plans!
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