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Wedding decorators/decorations

HI...hope all the wedding planning is going well!
I am getting married in the teton valley (Linn Canyon Ranch) and was wondering if anyone knew of any wedding decorators? Would love ANY ideas, suggestions, references!
Thanks everyone!

Re: Wedding decorators/decorations

  • Do you mean for someone to design the wedding (aka not a coordinator)?  I would start with these event planners and go from there! 

  • Try Jean at Briar Rose.  She's a florist who also can do a ton of extras.  For us, she's doing all of the flowers, hanging butterflies from the ceiling, hanging linen draperies across the ceiling, decorating escort card table, etc.  She's super easy to work with too and reasonably priced.
  • Kboyer, have you been emailing Briar Rose?  I am finding them very hard to correspond with.  She uses all caps, her recent replies are lost in the body of the huge email (she doesn't post them at the top), and she won't answer me directly about a price!  She just keeps saying we can stay under your budget - OK well her little questionaire only had "$500 and under" which pretty broad.  That's a wide range and I'm not paying anywhere near $500 for flowers for 4 hours!

    I'm going to try one more email. Ugh.
  • Hey ginadog, 
    I realize from your other posts that you may be cancelling your wedding plans unfortunately and I'm really sorry to hear about your dad!  In the event that you do continue with JH, I wanted to respond to your question here.  Jean @ Briar Rose is really easy to get ahold of if you try calling.  I know that's kind of annoying (with busy schedules and all, which I definitely have between grad school & working f/t), but I've actually had much better luck with everyone in Jackson if I just call rather than email.  Jean also will work within your budget and make it stretch further than you thought it would.  She came highly recommended from the folks at Spring Creek Ranch where I am getting married.  I went out there last fall and "interviewed" her and she is really laid-back and easy to work with.  Even via email, I've had good communication with her, but I have to say my mom has been the primary point of contact with her because my mom is totally into the flowers whereas I am not.  Anyway, good luck with everything & I hope you & your family can find peace in this rough time!  Your post on the other board broke my heart and I totally feel for you.
  • ginadogginadog member
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    Thanks Kboyer, I probably should have called for quicker answers. 

    I did end up cancelling the entire JH wedding.  It was both a relief and sad at the same time.  This took place last week after a visit home to Indiana.  Dad has lost 23 pounds since January.  He's in good spirits though.

    We got all our money back from Dornan's, the officiant (Tom Jordan) didn't require anything up front, my photographer will refund my deposit, and even offered to photography us even if it's somewhere different for the same price!  We're thinking Field, British Columbia, but of course it's really hard figure out what the plan is.
  • I'm really sorry to hear the wedding is cancelled, but glad to hear that vendors have been understanding. I'm sure it's a relief to have that decision off your shoulders for now. I'll be thinking about you, check in when you can.
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