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Thoughts on the menu

Hey LA ladies! It's my first time posting on this board! I was so excited when I found it. :)

FI and I are going to Rome for our honeymoon so we thought we'd do italian food at our wedding. Here's the menu we've thought up so far:

Small salad - baby greens, romane lettuce, cucumbers, tomatos, pine nuts, balsamic vinagrette, and olives

Choice of entrees: 
1. Individual pizzas with lots of toppings like marghareta pizzas or something

2. Pasta dishes like angel hair with white wine cream sauce or linguini 

(we're doing a whole dessert table by the way) 
Mini cupcakes
chocolate and vanilla gelato cups sitting in bowls of ice
rock candy sticks
mini cake bite sticks
nutella spread and toast

I'd appreciate any feedback or other ideas :)
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Re: Thoughts on the menu

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    Canolli are a traditional italian dessert and they're delicious so you can look into that. You could do a pasta salad or bruchetta. Pizza is cute but not really traditional Italian, so I guess it depends on if you're doing traditional or "american italian" hahaha. But it all sounds yummy!!
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    Pizza does, in fact, originate from Italy (and dates back pretty far, so I'd say it's also "traditional"), though the version we most commonly eat in the US is definitely influenced by Italian-American versions. However, depending on the size of your wedding and how formal a dinner you're having, I think pizza might be tricky to pull off the timing on and have it still taste good. Individual pizzas will deteriorate quickly as soon as they're out of the oven. A pizza margherita doesn't have "a lot of toppings" - it has just tomato, basil, and cheese.

    I will say that Pizzeria Olio has a catering background and, if memory serves, a portable oven.
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    Looks good! Are you doing a cocktail hour with apps? You can do bruschetta, proschiutto wrapped dates or scallops, maybe caprese salad on sticks (mozzarella ball, grape tomato, basil leaf), maybe mini sandwiches with pesto, italian style meatballs, sausage sliders?
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