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GREAT Florist - Vendor Review

Hi Ladies.
Eventually I will get around to posting a very detailed vendor review of my wedding. But, for now, I just wanted to post something about the florist I worked with.

First all, I ended up ordering all of my flowers from fiftyflowers.com for what I thought was a very reasonable price. Anyone looking to go the DIY route for flowers should look into this company. You can often find additional discounts on sites such as retailmenot.com and they have fantastic customer service that can you talk you through all your flower needs and issues.

When I had ordered all my flowers, I thought we could do it ourselves, but then a few months later went into a panic about what to do for bouquets. It was the one flower item that I wanted to look professional.

I had called around to several florist, most wouldnt even talk to me since I had purchased my own flowers. After several conversations with various florist, one of them gave me the name of Chris Overburg. I called Chris and talked to her about what I was interested in and the price she gave me for arranging 4 bouquets, plus boutinners and corsages with the flowers I had already purchased was VERY reasonable in my eyes.

Although I was pleased with the price, I had no idea how pleased I would be with the final product. The bouquets were PERFECT. I almost cried when I saw them and they were one of my favorite details of the wedding. Chris provided the necesarry fillers outside of the roses and calla lilies. She even used a shawl that came with my dress to wrap the bouquets so they would match perfectly.

You can contact Chris at [email protected]

A photo of the bouquets can be seen here: http://andyandemilywedding.com/flowers.html

Re: GREAT Florist - Vendor Review

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    Also, she was great to work with, even though I never met her face to face. All our communication was by phone and email. I sent her some pictures of what I was looking for and she did a great job matching photos for the corsages.
  • tseaytseay member
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    Thanks for this info! I am an out of town bride so I'm doing all of my wedding planning via phone and email (PRAY FOR ME!!). I am looking for a fab florists that is reasonable. I will definitely send her an email.
  • inkygirlinkygirl member
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    tseay, also check out Jill with J Elizabeth Designs.  She's fabulous!
  • kdmoellekdmoelle member
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    I'm also using J. Elizabeth designs. Jill is absolutely wonderful and she is very knowledgable! Can't wait to see how everything turns out. 21 DAYS TO GO! :)
  • squirrlysquirrly member
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    I feel like J. Elizabeth is the new "it" florist for Louisville.  I've seen a bunch of posts for her, and I know my photog did some awesome pics in her shop last year - I think it was new then? 

    At any rate, from what I've seen, she's got a great rep.  I'd love to see her work sometime.
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