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I am recently engaged and I'm pretty set on an outdoor wedding.  We are shooting for early October since there are too many conflicts in Aug and Sept.  Has anyone had an outdoor wedding in October in Utah?  Have I totally lost my mind trying to have it outdoors with the threat of snow?

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    You know Utah weather is so unpredictable, I got married late August and we had threat of rain in the morning. I don't think you're out of your mind, it could happen, and would be really pretty...but just don't have your heart set on it just in case the weather screws it up. Make sure you're comfortable with the venue's indoor set-up just in case. GL!

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    I second what sefaniee said.  My birthday is in October, and some days it's warm and beautiful, and other days it's cold and windy.  You just have to be prepared to move things indoors.

    As an incentive, many venues consider October (particularly late October) to be the "off-season," so you can get lower prices.  Plus, depending on where you have it, the colors could be beautiful.
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    Thanks ladies!  It's definitely a gamble, but you're right as long as we have an indoor backup (that I like) we should be okay.  Any input on venues?  I've been leaning towards Red Butte but I'm not sure I'm in love with their indoor facilities.  I've also checked out a few ski resorts but their bar prices are almost unreasonable.  Please tell me it gets easier as soon as you've got the date and place nailed down?!   :P
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    I'm looking forward to the fun part for sure!  It's not that bad, I just wish I would have started looking sooner...ever the procrastinator.  I'll have to check out Tuscany Gardens, we don't really have our hearts set on a location in the valley.  You might be on to something with places raising bar prices to discourage alcohol, I hadn't thought about it that way.  We want to bring our own in that's for sure!  Thanks for all your input!  :)
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    Yes it definitely gets easier and very fun. I absolutely LOVED planning my wedding, but the venue is the most stressful part, IMO. If you're willing to venture north, I would definitely recommend Tuscany Gardens; it's in Roy. I got married there 08/09 and absolutely loved everything about it! The bar policy sealed the deal, because I found that most Utah venues try and discourage alcohol by charging outrageously!
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    Our wedding is on October 8, 2011 at Aspen Landing, beautiful venue, indoor and out, smaller, but wonderful, and they allow alcohol (you bring it in).
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