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ONE month...

OMG I am getting so nervous. I hope everything comes together! I hope my bridal party gets their S*** together! Good luck everyone!!!

WHo else is getting married June 16th???

Re: ONE month...

  • I am getting married June 23rd...one week after you. I am not nervous yet. I am waiting on the RSVPs to come in so I can get a head count and pay for the food and drink for the wedding.
  • I'm a 16th bride and kind of freaking out a bit. I keep feeling like I am forgetting something!
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  • I am! I'm super excited now!
    June 16, 2012
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    [QUOTE]I am! I'm super excited now!
    Posted by acaponi87[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>I'm not nervous either, just super excited!!</div>
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  • Yay one month!!!  Now if only people would RSVP already...
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re:ONE month... : I'm not nervous either, just super excited!!
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    I'm so excited too!  Just hoping I get 17 RSVP envelopes in the mail haha (deadline is today).
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  • I am!!! I am so excited!!! And like everyone else wish the I would hurry and get the rest of our RSVPs back lol
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  • I am! I had my first wedding related nightmare the other night. The wedding/reception was over and then I realized the photographer never showed up so we had not pictures! LOL  Unless 18 RSVPs show up in today mail this weekend I start hounding people.
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  • holy flipping cow...it's getting so close, i'm the 24th but i feel like it's tomorrow. meaning i feel like i have so much to do that should have been done like yesterday....
  • hose85, I'm also on the 24th.  I have the same feeling as you do. I wish I could get all the RSVPs in!  Are you down to all the little things now?  I have tons of little things to do.
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  • Another June 16th bride here! I can't believe this is our last monthly milestone. Yow. I'm super excited, but I also can tell it's going to get crazy busy between now and then.

    I had my hair trial today and as I was leaving, the stylist said, "see you in a month!" It's going to fly by.
  • holy crap, yes, less than a month.

    i'm starting to slightly freak out.

    i'm ready to just be done with it and be on the honeymoon.
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