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Honeymoons and Travel Agents

My and FI want to go an all inclusive resort for our honeymoon. It doesn't really matter where for us, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican, etc. Our budget is $3000 for everything (during peak season too which sucks), I know I can find a deal, but I'm not sure which are good and bad resorts. So I've been told to use a travel agents. The place I've contacted basically keeps pushing me aside and not helping at all. I obviously want the best that we can afford. Any suggestions for good travel agencies? Or even any good suggestions for not too expensive resorts?

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Re: Honeymoons and Travel Agents

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    Have you looked into Sandals all inclusives? I think you will be able to find a trip plus airfare in your budget. Just make sure to check out a site like tripadvisor.com for reviews of the resorts, because i have had heard some great things about some of their resorts, and bad things about the others. Also, check out the Honeymoon boards on the knot. There are a lot of reviews of various resorts, and the girls over there are very helpful as well! 

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    I highly recommend my travel agent. She booked our whole wedding group to Vegas. Not only can a travel agent help you with the good and bad hotels but if you encounter any problems while on your trip, they will handle it for you and you can relax ;) Good luck.

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    We are going to Jamaica and staying at Couples Tower Isle. For 6 nights and air fair we spent $3000. I have heard a ton of great reviews.

    Our honeymoon is less than a month away!!! I can't wait!

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    Thanks guys, I have checked into the couples and sandals resorts, however with my wedding being in March travel and resorts are REALLY expensive.

    ChelseaP Thank you for the travel agent contact! I am going to call her this week! :)
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    I'm booking a cruise just for that very reason. The resorts can be expensive. While a cruise isn't exactly a private paradise, at least I'll get to eat good food and visit a few islands in a short period of time. Good luck!
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