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How many people went wedding dress shopping with you?


Re: How many people went wedding dress shopping with you?

  • I only went once and was with my mom, nana, and my aunt who is my MOH for a total of 3 people.  I didn't ask any of my other BMs.  That to me is more of a thing that I want my mom and nana there for, and my aunt who is a best friend as well.  Plus all 3 have different tastes, and are brutally honest with me (sometimes its painful!).  But we all went and everyone picked dresses they liked for me to try on.  The 2nd one I tried on is the one I bought, and everyone loved it.  

    PPs nailed it, the more people you have the harder it is.  Only bring a few people who you know will be honest.  If you have too many then you are bound to have someone not like it.  Honestly, I have never heard anyone say "I went to a wedding and the bride wore the most hideious gown ever."  As long as you like it and a few people agree with you, then you are good.  If people don't like it, they are just comparing it to something else you tried on that they liked better.  At your wedding, people aren't going to see you in any other dress to compare, so whatever you pick will be gorgeous.
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  • I am having the opposite problem- my BM and others are insisting they are coming with me. It is very overwhelming already! I have heard a lot about the negatives of having too many people.

    My placement supervisor from last year (I wasn't even on placement when I got engaged) has even invited herself (jokingly but she would come if I brought it up again). I plan on doing the one shop for everyone else and then going back by myself with my mom and MOH maybe one more time if the first trip is too stressful. I am the first friend, daughter, niece and granddaughter getting married in my family/group of friends so I know everyone is just excited
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  • I went dress shopping the first time with my mother and found my dress, but came back the next day with my mom, sister, best friend , and dad and spent almost three hours going back and forth between my dress and my second pick becaus every body else liked my second choice better. Ultimately, I went with the one I loved but I wish I hadn't ever shown them the second dress. Going with just my mom was a lot easier, which is ironic because we usually don't get along very well.
  • I went all by my lonesome.

    I picked out my dress all on my own, but then brought back FMIL to see it  and another time brought my friend BM to see it, and etc.  I picked it out and had it in my mind that this was the dress.  I also showed sister and mother after I already ordered the gown.  I didn't need anybodys opinion.  In the end, everyone thought it was the best dress for me and I guess I made the best decision myself.  ha
  • I took Mommy. :) We planned that we were going just to look because the wedding was over a year out. I tried on about 12 dresses and then I found the one. We ordered it that day. I haven't looked back, and as I flip throught the bridal magazines and see all the new stuff that has come out I just go "Oh Thank God I already have mine". My FMIL and 7 yo FSIL went with me to pick it up because mom wasn't in town when the dress came in. My sister (MOH) and 1 best friend have seen it- the other won't because she is OOT. I am blessed
  • I went once with my mom and grandma.  It was perfect! 
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  • I only ended up going once and found "the dress".  I brought my mom and my aunt with me.  I wanted to go with my mom, and I decided to invite my aunt since she has no children and I knew she would really enjoy it.  I liked having another pair of eyes, but I didn't want to bring an entourage so it worked for me :)
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  • One - I didn't realize that I'd find The One that day, and just went to make sure the style I was looking for looked good on me, so I took a friend of mine.
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  • I haven't gone yet, but am planning to go in August.  It's going to be myself, my mom and my grandmother.
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  • llmw07llmw07 member
    I brought 3 of my bridesmaids my aunt and my mom.  I don't think that any of them came because they felt pressured either.  I had the best dress shopping experience though.  2 of my BMs are my cousins that are practically my sisters and the other bridesmaid has been my best friend for 13+ years.  I think they all knew what I liked and what I didn't like.  They all heard my opinions and I feel that they along with me had a good time.  After trying on dresses, they tried on BM dresses.  I don't think that i would have had that kind of experience with any body else.  They truly know who I am what I already like/don't like and I think that definitely helped.
  • The first time I went with just my mom.  I went once after that by myself then back again with just my mom.  At that point, I knew which one was IT so when FSIL came to visit, I took her and 4 of close friends just to show them!  They all loved it!
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  • Close friend of family (like my second mom)/wedding planner, my mom, and my sister/MOH.

    So 3.


  • kmabjokmabjo member
    The first time I went shopping I took my best friend, the second time I took my mom and FIs mom.
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  • I've gone alone a couple times.  My fiance went once to help me make a decision about ordering since no one had the dress I want in store to try.  I figure FMIL will go when it comes to alterations time to make sure everything looks right.
  • Well...I kind of stumbled upon my dress. 0 people!

    My mom was going to make me a dress, so I started looking at pictures online to see what kind of styles I liked.

    Literally, the 5th picture I looked at EVER was a perfect dress for me & they only had my size & it was on the $99 sale (David's).

    So I waited until my mom got home from work to show her. She said I should buy it because she would not even be able to buy fabric for that good price.

    I was SO leary of buying a dress online without seeing it, but David's return policy is pretty fair. & at $99, I didn't have much to lose. Worst case scenario, I could sell it on Ebay!

    BUT it turned out perfect!
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    One trip, had a dress in 2 hours.  Just mom & sis came with me.  I've never gone wedding dress shopping as a BM, never even been asked.  And I'd never ask my BMs.  Too many cooks, y'know?
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  • I took two trips to two different places. On my first trip I took my MIL, Mom and SIL. MY MIL couldn't make it for the second trip so it was just my mom and SIL. I would advise to not have more than three or four people. I think it's just too many people and opinions.
  • This is actually a very good question. I wish I would have known about this website sooner. Personally I think fewer people would be better. I felt obligated to invite more people than I actually wanted. There were five people who went with me because I didnt want to exclude anyone but I think it would have been more fun if I would have only went with my MOH.
  • I'm going to go shopping with quite a few people. At least 6. My mom, two sisters, my closest Aunt and Cousin and also my Future Mother-in-Law. 
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