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Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get hair and nails done? I am having a friend do the hair for my bridesmaids but I don't think that there will be enough time to get everyone's hair done along with getting mine done. As far as nails go I want to get some acrylics because I am a nail bitter and can never let them grow out. any advice would help, thanks Jess

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    I am getting my hair done at Nailissimo, they've done my hair 3 times for various events and I've loved it every time. I've gotten my hair done at Blanco Blanco in the past and am not crazy about how they do their spiral curls. Transformation Spa & Wellness is also great, ask for Sam. They do nails there too I believe so you could get both done at the same place.

    I'm considering getting my nails done at Rituals on Central & 13th-ish. I know it might sound bad, but the nail place in walmart is awesome. The korean gals and guys that do it there are fantastic.
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    The Ritzz on Grand!!! I love them!!!
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    The girl who does my hair does a great job. Cassie at elegance on 14th and broadwater...she does a great job and she is soooo sweet! She will make sure your comfortable and everything you want to be!
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