What are you having the boys in your wedding wear?

WE just went and picked out the Tux's last week for the wedding party.  In my heard the 4 bys in the wedding would have been wearing a tux as well, but seems pretty expensive to have them pay the same price as an adult for a tux.  i mean $89 seems costly for a 4 year old.  What are you guys doing?

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Re: What are you having the boys in your wedding wear?

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    I am not having any boys in my wedding but I bet you could buy a suit for cheaper than that at a department store.
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    Macy's children's department has really cute Nautica vest sets for around $30-$40. They also have Calvin Klein suits and suit seperates that are always 40% off. We're doing the vest sets for ours.
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    See if they have children's suits to rent instead. Significantly cheaper and look pretty much the same.

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    DId you shop around at different tux rental vendors? I am sure that I paid a discounted price for my nephew to wear his tux at 4 yrs old....
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    It might be too late, but I would go look at different department stores to check out their Easter Suits/outfits for boys. Most are on clearence now.

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    Well, we were going to have my brother's fiance's boys handing out programs and at the guest book table...but that is out cause they broke up today...
    Anyway, we were going to put the boys in nice black slacks, a button up shirt, and just rent the vest and tie from the tux shop.  You might be able to buy them for less...I know Men's warehouse charges the same, (our tuxes are $98) for the boys, but they said you could rent suits for $50.  Is it super important that your boys are in the EXACT tux as everyone else?  If not, get them a black suit with matching tie and maybe matching vest and be done with it!  Easy either way.  I liked the idea of the slacks and button up with matching tie and vest.  Our ring bearer is going to be wearing a silver vested suit (just under 2 years old). 
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    I got mine at angelas bridal for 40 bucks, that does sound way to expensive! You can get a great price on ebay...
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