Hello ladies,

I was wondering if anyone has used the website before?

I'm looking for flower wholesalers in the Mississauga/Toronto area, and I came across this website.

I can't really find any reviews and was wondering if anyone knew the quality of their products. I'm specifically looking at the dendrobium orchid stems (if that makes a difference to any of you ladies).

If anyone has any other suggestions for inexpensive flowers, that would be great -- I'm on quite a tight budget and am looking to spend no more than $8 - $10 on flowers per centrepiece (and I'm going to have about 25 total).

Thanks so much in advance!
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Re: XP:

  • I'm planning on using to get coral garden roses for my September wedding. They ship to Canada, but their prices aren't cheap, and they add 30% to Canadian orders. Their selection is much much much better than I found.
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