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Has anyone been to a wedding/known someone who has gotten married at the Fonenelle forest ? it seems gorgeous by the pics on their websited i just want to see more and hear some pros and cons

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    Are you referring to the Fontanelle Nature Association?

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    yes i am. i didnt realize thats what set the 2 places apart
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    I got married there, the bigger space is more expensive which I don't think it is as worth it without it, you can't get in the main areas to set up until 5pm, I was not impressed with the woman who handles the weddings, she also has a catering business, if you don't go with her I don't think she cares to get back to you. It was beautiful on the patio area, and with the right decorations is magical. Sometimes there are deer that roam past, but we mainly got wild turkey which just wandered around with the guests, fit right in. This of course was 4 yrs. ago. 

    Good Luck!
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    I know last year my soon to be brother in law was looking at getting married there but NEVER received a call back. He called a few times inquiring about having his wedding there and they didn't get back to him. Good luck!
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    It's gorgeous. I visited, but there were a lot of "hidden" costs, so it ended up being out of my budget. For instance, you need to bring in your own bar and if you have alcohol, you need to hire a security guard. Also, if you want the ceremony on the deck, you need to rent chairs.

    If you can afford it though, do it!
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