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Gothic Weddings

My apologies to you ladies.

I wanted to say that I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately. We have been dealing with a couple of family situations and I haven't had much time to get on here. I also haven't given this board much attention lately but that will change.

Are there any topics you guys want to discuss? I fell as though it's been dead around here lately. Any ideas on how to get it going again?

Re: My apologies to you ladies.

  • I think it's a small board anyway. You've been doing a good job. You post great topics to talk about.

    I think we've all been really busy with family stuff or wedding stuff or whatever. I've been trying to spend more time out and about with Chris and Willow. Plus, a lot of our gothic brides had weddings around Halloweenish. I'm sorry I always have so MUCH to talk about!!! I don't post everyday, but I try to check a few times a week to see if anything's going on. I just have a LOT of stuff that we are getting for the wedding lately because it's Christmas time and there's all kinds of awesome stuff in the stores right now. Plus, the antique shops are having really good sales. Ton's of new things happening for the wedding! 

    I love your topics. They're sometimes totally wedding related, and sometimes totally quirky.
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