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Wednesday afternoon

Hey there ladies!
How's everyone doing? I'm having trouble focusing because my important projects are done and I've hit my productivity wall for the day :-p 
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Re: Wednesday afternoon

  • Hey hey! Made more progress at work today!!  So happy it's 15 min to 5pm though, I can't wait to go home and move on to the next task of tidying up!  I must be nesting right now b/c I am loving cleaning and organizing, haha!
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  • Haha Nicole have fun nesting :) Kate I am with you I have another half hour of work left before I leave to work out and I just want to sit here and do nothing until 530! Pretty sure I picked the bouquet I want now I just waiting for the wedding coordinator to tell me if it is included or costs extra and how much so we shall see.
  • Nicole,  I wish I could be at the nesting phase :-p For now, crap just gets moved to the other side of the room... then moved back when I need access to where I put it haha. 

    Meg, that's exciting about your bouquet! I'm STILL trying to decide between ordering silk/real touch flowers or splurging on real ones. Do you have a photo of what you chose??
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  • I want pics of your bouquet! lol!!

    Thanks ladies!  I can't wait to get to the real fun stuff, buying art/photo frames to hang on our walls and the like :-)
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