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More checks?

We have our venue lined up!  Such a relief.  Looking forward to the next big steps of finding a photographer and DJ...

Anyone else finished some big planning items?


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Re: More checks?

  • Nice & congrats!  FI & I have had our venue locked down since mid-Spring.  We didn't want to risk it!

    Photographer - check
    DJ - check
    Officiant - check

    FI is hot to trot on getting other things lined up and taken care of as soon as possible.  I, on the other hand, have a bit more " will get done soon" attitude.  I'm hoping to turn a corner with my feelings on planning a wedding though.  We've just been engaged foreverrrrr and I guess there is a part of me that still feels like our date will take foreverrrr to get here.
  • I was on a big run when I was in Houston (where the wedding will be) -- I actually just put all my contracts in a binder :) So far we have

    -Reception Venue
    -DJ, Photobooth, and Lighting
    -My Dress

    We have the church "tentatively" - we need to wait until we start marriage prep to be able to put down our deposit, which is really frustrating! 

    Now that I'm out of town again I have a much more hands-off attitude about it all. I feel like we have the big things worked out - I don't really care about a lot of the smaller details (but we'll see if that changes as it gets closer....)

    :) Congrats on getting stuff done!

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • Alk, how long have you all been engaged?

    I have my dress picked out, but the shop recommended we wait until January/February to order it. 


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  • Button - FI and I have been engaged since May 2011.  We bought a house a few months after and, well, life is just plan busy.  We both love the fall and wanted to give ourselves enough time to save and plan.  This current fall just felt too quick.  And here we are, all ready for our 11/3 date!  It will be a whole two and a half years after the engagement!

    Our photographer includes an engagement session (which we have scheduled in a few weeks) but I just can't bear to call it that because of how long it's been!

    So did you love shopping for a dress?  I'm feeling all-around icky and pity party-ish for not going to the gym enough lately but I have an appointment to check out a few places on 11/1.  I need to hit the gym hard until then to try and make myself feel better.  Did you "know" as soon as you tried it on?
  • Alk, we got engaged in November 2011, so I totally get it.  I went to a lot of stores (I think like 5 or 6?) and just didnt find anything that I absolutely loved- just found a lot of things that were okay.  It helped going just with one person, and when I tried on the one that I'm going with I didnt get the tears or any spectacular feeling.  I just knew it was the right one when I no longer wanted to try anything else on and kept looking at that one hanging in the room.


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  • Yea, I agree with not having too many people in tow.  Too many cooks.

    While I'd love to think that I'll be calm, cool & collected (like you sounded) when the dress is on - I'm just way too emotional to know that I'll be anything other than a weeping mess.  This wedding stuff gets me all verklempt.  And don't even get me started on what the day of will be like...

    And that's why we're doing First Look photos.
  • We are leaning towards a first look just because of the light.  Our ceremony isnt until 6pm, so it will be totally dark.


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