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Destination wedding in NYC

Hi all - New to this board, I usually lurk around on Etiquette or Snarky Brides. Hello!

My FI and I are planning a destination wedding in NYC (from Norway) for May 2012 (I realise it's a long time away, but we're travelling to New York this April to visit venues etc, and have started saving & budgeting now).

I've been budgeting and I realise that New York is very expensive.  I've been able to get a good feel for venue/reception pricing, and feel comfortable about my budget there.

However, three things I'm clueless about:

1) Photography: Photography is a high priority, and we love the style of photojournalistic photographers, such as Christian Oth etc. How much should we budget for these services?  $3,000? $5,000? More?

2) Flowers: We're most likely skipping centerpieces - but need a bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaid bouquets, and 3 boutonnieres (sp?). Anyone have a ballpark estimate? Even estimates for 1 bridal bouquet would be great - since I'm not in the US, I feel completely clueless.

3) Transport: I love yellow cabs, and think they would be convenient, and cute for the photos. Is it naive to think we can just hail cabs on our wedding day? (Our ceremony is booked at the Norwegian Seaman's Church for 3pm - which would mean taxi rides around 4pm)

I would appreciate any input or tips from anyone!

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    1) Since New York is a big in Fine Arts, there are a lot of artists that can create outputs as good as Christian Oth (or even better) at much cheaper price with much more flexible arrangements, longer hours of coverage, and add-ons, etc. Try shopping around - I stumbled upon Alex Fedorov of FedorovFoto and it has been an NYC city-girl dream come true! He is transparent and honest. I think what's important in a photographer is being responsive to emails and easy to work it (so we can be a bridezilla and he wouldn't mind haha) and knowing exactly what out-of-town brides need.

    I recommend you do an engagement shoot in New York landscapes, Central Park, Times Sq., with yellow cabs, etc.. in that way you will get to know your photographer as well.

    2) I would budget USD3000 - 6000 depending on how big your venue is. There are florists that bundles venue lighting and offers all neccessary decorations beyond flowers as well.

    3) I think that's a cute idea! You may need to consult say.. a cab driver in advance, may be he can give you some corporate number for you to book a big batch of cabs to pick your guests up at one place?

    Best of luck!
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    hey just saw your blog! I'm from Bangkok ;D Hiiii!
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    I wont be much help on the flower and yellow cabs, but our photographer was she is photojournalistic, a sweetheart, and affordable.  photography packages in NY go from a few K to 10K, its insane.  hth
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    I found that any photog in NYC that was worthwhile was at least $3500.

    Flowers: bouquets didn't seem to me to be different in pricing whether I looked in NYC or on LI.  My bouquet is $200, and my girls are $125.  I have been using Starbrite flowers and they have been awesome and beat the price of a florist in Queens.

    Taxis---good question.  The church is on 52nd and 2nd it looks like...which is a pretty well trafficked area.  My experience is that you cannot call and get a whole bunch, but you can certainly hire one of the vintage cabs to come pick you up.  I'm sure if you google it you can get it.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for all the good advice!  I'll definitely look into perhaps booking some cabs in advance.  If anyone has other specific florist recommendations, feel free to share! 

    And Maroon - I love your engagement photos, you look stunning! (and I loved BKK, btw :))

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    It is REALLY HARD to get a cab at 4 p.m. (on a weekday) in New York City. How many people will you need to transport? I would highly suggest you reach out to a car company and reserve a few drivers in advance.

    I met my FI in a yellow cab, so I understand the allure, but you don't want to be stuck on your wedding day.

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    That is too awesome! It seems like a lot of people have already made great tips, but I will offer my advice as well.

    1) Photography: Christian Oth is amazing, but he seems to have a total business personality, which means big bucks. There are less expensive and just as talented photographers out there in the city for under $5000. If your budget would happily rest in a lower number, we used a great photog named Melissa Lynn ( and were able to stay within our budget of $3000. If you are looking for someone closer to a $2000 range, you might have to look on craigslist for ideas or try working with a photographer to cut back on their hours (like 6 rather than 8). I think some offer that.

    2) Flowers: I am not so sure about this, but NYC is a flower haven. I am sure you can get what you need with a budget under $500.

    3) Transport: Vintage cabs is a possibility as someone mentioned, but also 4 PM usually has decent cab action. And you can research beforehand where the busiest street is near the church where you are marrying so that you can hail one easiest.

    Good luck to the both of you!!

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    Check out Ashley Therese Photography!!
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    Hey hey! 
    As most of my wedding was DIY, I can't help you in the floral department (my bridesmaid made the bouquets) but as for a photographer, I actually met with Christian Oth but he was unfortunately way out of my budget. I found Astami of Astami Photos and she captured our wedding exactly the way I wanted. She is truly amazing and I think because she is still a newcomer to the industry, she's totally negotiable. I truly feel she photographed my wedding in such a high quality. Check out her work at Her email is [email protected] 
    Hope this helps! Love helping my fellow knotties!
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