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Date Night Ideas? (NWR)

Fiance and I are seriously busy and obviously strapped for cash but we still like to have date night every now and then. We usually either play scrabble or a card game, go walk around the mall&eat a soft pretzel,or watch our favorite TV show or movies. Once and a while we splurge and go to dinner at Applebee's. When it's warmer we go for walks, play games outside (card games or soccer sometimes) and sometimes take our camera's out.

I would really love some new ideas as far as what we can do, and with little or no money spent. I thought you ladies might have some good idea's since you are in similar situation :)
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Re: Date Night Ideas? (NWR)

  • Do you ever cook for each other? You could each try a new recipe and have a date at home.  Alternatively, you can pick a recipe and cook together.  Sit at the table to eat and light candles.  

    See if there is anything going on in your community.  We have a free zoo that is really pretty nice.  There is also live music every Wednesday night in the summer at the capitol building (Wisconsin).  I'm amazed at the number of things that are going on around me at any given time.

    Hope this helps!
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  • Definitely look into free community events! We like Themed Movie Nights! Disney movies are the easiest to do them with but you can do them with any movie that has a "feel". We make food that fits within the movie's theme, do a little decorating (all DIY and silly/fun), and watch the movie. It's fun!

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  • Cooking is one of my favorites.  But one of his is to use the free redbox codes (I have no idea where he finds them but try google or southernsaver.com)  to rent movies.  You get them free for a night and just return them by a certain time the next day.  We're both students, so we check out some of the free on campus events every once in a while.  
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  • Cooking will be a great idea once we live in apartment style housing and have a kitchen, so i'll keep in mind!

    I think I'll try checking out local/campus events. We go to small town central PA college so it's not the most bustling place ever but it's worth a shot! :)

    Thanks everybody!
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  • Does your small town  have a bowling alley?  If you go during the week and not on Fri or Sat nights most bowling alleys have a cheaper night (mine has "all you can bowl" on Wed nights)

    What about when the weather gets nicer visiting nearby state parks?

    Bike rides?

    Hookah bars can be fun, and again, alot of the ones I've been to have deals where you can get things at a discounted price if you go during off peak hours

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  • We're straight edge so Hookah bars are a definite no haha 

    But bowling alley would work if we weren't so busy during the week. Bikes are a good idea but mines not with me so maybe I'll bring it along next semester! I'm not sure there are any state parks too close to us but I'll look into! 
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  • I'm not sure if the two of you like video games, but FI and I love to play two player Xbox 360 games like Halo and Gears of War. We also love Wii Sports or Mario Kart. A little competition never hurts anyone! :)

    If you don't like video games, riding bikes is definitely a great idea. Maybe you could even work out together, or go running? 

    Possibly a karaoke night? 

    Or find a tv show that the two of you like, get all the seasos of the show and have a marathon for the day (or days)! 
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  • Keep an eye open for groupons in your area!  We get some great date nights out of those!

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  • Don't know if there is one around you, but my FI and I  go to a discount theater all the time. The movies are somewhat current, but aren't the newest ones out. $1.00 a ticket, you can't beat that!

    We also go into somethiing called geocaching. If you have a smartphone you can download the app (i think it's $10). It's basically treasure hunting for boxes/film canisters/other containers and in the containers are sometimes small treasures (stickers, bouncy balls, figurines) that you can trade for other small treasures that you put in the container. You use the app to guide you to the geocache and they are hidden everywhere! I know it sounds kinda silly, but it's actually quite fun.
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