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Thank you postcards

Best site that is reasonable priced for Thank you postcards?


Re: Thank you postcards

  • Sweet_AdelineSweet_Adeline member
    edited December 2011
    I don't know if they have thank you past cards, but we got our STD postcards from vistaprint and other than paying for shipping and to have our picture added to it, hey were free.  I think we ended up paying between $15-20 for 100.
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  • LisaMarie27LisaMarie27 member
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    edited December 2011
    Thanks! Great Idea!
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    Hopefully I'm not too late.  We got our TY cards from VistaPrint and for the money it's good, but honestly, if you can get Shutterfly or someone else for a smidgen bit more, I'd probably do that.  The first batch they sent us the print was off so every card the picture was off by 1/4" and looked bad.  I filled out their form online which said I'd hear back in 2 days and waited...5 days...sent in another form and waited...2 more days...and I finally called.  Of course if you punch in your customer number, you can't reach anyone, so I had to call back and pretend I was placing a new order.  The guy on the phone didn't seem to understand what the issue was, and their "satisfaction guarantee" I apparently didn't read close enough but is only good for a full refund of credit.  This batch is a bit better (although it still says Vistaprint on the back of the card, granted, small on the bottom, but still) but now our TYs are getting out 3 weeks later than we had hoped for.
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  • carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    We did our Christmas cards last December and TY cards last month through Vistaprint, and have been happy with them.  Both were photo cards, and the photo quality was just fine.  We also got our STD postcards through zazzle.com (pic in bio under Paper Goods), and were very happy with them - they have way better designs available than vistaprint, but are a little more expensive.  If you're just uploading your own pic/design, then Vistaprint is probably fine; if you want a designed background, check out zazzle.com.

    I've also seen others suggest moo.com, so you might check them out as well.
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