The Lucerne Inn

Hi Everyone!

We decided on The Lucerne Inn in Dedham, Maine. We love it.
Just curious if anyone else on here is getting married there this year!?

Anyone ever been to a wedding there?!?

Thanks! :)

Re: The Lucerne Inn

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    We are planning a wedding there for July 2012 and we are very excited!  Which room are you using?
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    I haven't been to a wedding there, but I had this venue highly, highly recommended to me by some vendors who have worked there. Good luck!
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    We went to dinner there last summer and they had two weddings going on at the same time, one building had an outdoor reception going on while the other building had an outdoor ceremony happening (not cool in my book).  However, the location is very beautiful and I have a friend getting married there this summer and she loves the place.  Congrats on the check!
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    Thanks everyone.

    My wedding is on a Sunday so I'm hoping that no other weddings will be that day.  And we took every room at the inn so I hope that helps. :)

    We are getting married in the Phillips Room/Patio.

    The Overlook looked really nice as well!

    Which room are you using  lap5b?

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    We are planning on booking the Phillips Room/Patio too, and we are planning on a Sunday too.  :) 

    What time did you pick to start your reception?  We have been debating how to balance an early reception (so that people can travel home if needed) with a time that is late enough to be reasonable for dinner.  Right now, we are thinking of having the ceremony at 2:30 or 3 with an early dinner around 4.  

    Congratulations on booking the venue!  We are really excited to get our name down too and are hoping to book in the next couple of weeks for July 2012.

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    Congratulations to you too on your decision!! :)

    We are starting the ceremony at 3:30 and cocktail hour will begin at 4 and dinner at 5ish. Short and quick is what we wanted.

    A lot of our guests are traveling so we felt that the same way. We wanted to give folks enough time to travel.

    My only suggestion, be cautious when reserving rooms for overnight guests. we've had some issues with people booking rooms. They lost my reservation (which was fixed, phew!) some people were put down for multiple rooms and they didn't ask for it. We finally asked them to give us a complete list of everyone staying so we can check it over. Even then there were errors. So just be very cautious and direct.

    Also, Brian is very nice and seems to know what he is doing but it seems like he is never around!

    I'm a HUGE planner but they said they don't normally meet with brides until a month before the wedding to go through a checklist.

    I'll be upset if they don't allow any earlier visits. So my advice is keep on top of them.

    I hope all this helps. :)

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    That is very helpful advice!  I will make sure to stay on top of the reservations.  When I met with Brian, he told me that we could have the check-in meeting as early as I was ready.  We currently live in Virginia, so I would anticipate that we would have to have a really early meeting (6 months prior) and then probably more electronic/phone correspondence 1-2 months prior.  

    I think your timing sounds great!  Good luck with your planning and feel free to message whenever!

    PS: You went with LAD photography, right?  I think that it was you that suggested her to me.  Thanks so much for the recommendation!

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    That's good!! Yes, you will probably need to visit ahead of time since you will be traveling. :)

    Let me know if you need any other recommendations as we will be going to a few florists and bakeries up in that area next month. Stay in touch!

    I regards to LAD-Your welcome!!! Lauren is so sweet. I think you will really like working with her if you decide to.


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    We are getting married at the Lucerne on July 15, 2011. We are having the ceremony in the gazebo and the reception on the patio. I love the view and think Brian is great to work with. Our date is on a Friday so now I am starting to wonder if the people getting married the following day are going to have their rehearsal while my reception is going on. It's amazing all the things you don't consider when your picking out a venue. Congrats!

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    Just got engaged a week ago and I'm already totally overwhelmed by how much work its going to be to plan a wedding!!! Do any of you getting married at the Lucerne know what the site fee and or catering minimums are? It looks beautiful but I think it might be out of our price range...

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