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I am having a garden wedding and I was wondering when I should have the guests throw the rice/bird seed/bubbles/sparklers? (I haven't decided yet which one) Should it be at the end of the ceremony as we are walking down the isle or when we are leaving the reception for good at the end of the night?

Also, I am taking some photos between my ceremony and the reception and so i don't know when to do the recieving line. The reception is within walking distance of the ceremony so I don't really have time as a friend. I don't know whether to greet people after the ceremony; just linger at the end of the isle or whether to rush pictures and try to get over to the reception hall asap after the ceremony and hope I catch some people. Dilema! Any suggestions? :)

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    I have been trying to decide the same thing!  I like the idea of having the bubbles/bird seed at the end of the night.  That way it is like a final goodbye, it kinda signifies to me the end of the celebration.
     For the receiving line, I don't like the idea of rushing things in order to get it into the day... I think lingering after the ceremony and greeting people as they walk out would be best.  It would allow you to then take your time during pictures, so you can enjoy yourself!
    Good luck :)
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    First of all, no rice if you are outdoors, bad for the birds.

    Secondly, I think it would be nice as you go back down the isle to celebrate the marriage.  At the same time, the sparklers might be better at the end of the night, as you would be able to see them better in the nighttime.

    Thirdly, I think two ideas could work nicely.  Either exit, then reenter and dismiss guests by row greeting as they leave.  Or, Wait at the end of the ceremony and greet guests as they exit the ceremony area.

    No matter what you choose, enjoy each part of your day, don't rush through just to get to the next part, it is just one day and will be over too quickly.
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    I agree with ncm on the end of the night. As for greeting the guest I would just do it at the reception. At the end of the ceremony when the whole wedding party walks out have the officiant announce that there will be a reception right after so they can head over there and leave you all to get your pictures done. :) thats what I have seen done so many time. Very easy
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    I agree, no rice.

    As for when to greet guests: I don't know about you, but I'm actually having a lot of people coming to the ceremony that are not going to the reception, so I am definitly doing a recieving line to greet everyone after the ceremony. Or, if it would be easier, you and fi could go row by row and dismiss ppl so they can shake your hand/hug/etc. You know your crowd; do what would be best to give everyone a chance to congratulate you.
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