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Fri Nite Plans - what's yours?

I'm going out to dinner & grabbing a movie with FI for some much needed time away from 3 teenagers!  :)  I hope Lincoln's Law is a decent movie!

But tomorrow it's back to wedding issues - my dress to be exact,  the lace is ripped.  Hope it can be fixed! And checking out linen rentals.  :)
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Re: Fri Nite Plans - what's yours?

  • Skype chatting with Brit FI while he's still awake. Then probably some reading, maybe a streaming Netflix. I'm watching some 50s films from time-to-time for inspiration for my retro wedding.
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  • @spikeinc: I bought this one: http://www.lightinthebox.com/A-line-Scoop-Tea-length-Satin-Wedding-Dress--HSX1237-_p35278.html And the bolero to go with it, like the real woman in the reviews named Barbara has on.

    I am getting a fuchsia crinoline from Esty to go under it--which costs about as much as the dress!

    If you are interested in other 50s dresses, we hang out in the Retro + Vintage board and talk about those there.
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  • Pizza and a movie here!  
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  • Watching a movie with my 10 year old while husband works late.
  • Got in a workout, picked up my daughters, got groceries and now we are watching Indiana Jones movies on tv...

    And if the girls don't start behaving they are both going to bed early!  grumble grumble grumble!
  • Ate some peanut butter straight from the jar and now looking to shower and relax a little before I have to get up super early in the morning to work a few hours at the clinic.  And then...............

    Florida for 5 days!
  • @Lucy: everything was exactly as they promised. Fabric, color, timeline. And the women's reviews were dead on, I thought. The only thing crappy was the little pinned on flower--and people mentioned that! I have since bought a nice little blue one on Etsy.

    The quality of the fabric was really nice heavy satin--it was not cheap and thin stuff. I can sew enough to recognize a decent seam, and I thought it was all well done. The built-in bra is fine, and that was important to me. I really doubt I could have even bought the fabric here for $99 that I paid. And I figured at that price I could afford to screw up and use it for parts if I had to.

    I did buy an off-the-rack 16 though, so I didn't do the custom sizing. But the reviews suggest that went quite well for the women who chose to write at least. I need to get it shortened, but I wanted to wait until I got my own crinoline and shoes anyway. I intend to use the remaining fabric around my button bouquet.

    So I was pleased. But I wanted something simple. I know that's not for everyone--and more complex dresses may have other issues.
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  • We did what we do most Fridays--picked up dinner at Chipotle, then headed over to a friend's house for her weekly get-together.  In theory, it is a tv night, but in fact there ends up being a lot more socializing than watching tv.
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    Movie Reviews!

    If you're a die hard Matthew Mcconaughey fan see the movie!  It's kinda slow moving but it does have a bit of a twist.  Marisa Tomei is also one of the leads - she's decent.  The last thing I saw her in was My Cousin Vinny and she looks NOTHING like she did in that. 

    If you not a die hard Matt fan you can definately wait for video release.
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