back up plan for pictures

My wedding is on june first this year and the photos and cocktail hour are outside. June can be a great time of the year for pictures but it also can rain alot. we are located in Newtown ct and are having out cerimony at the Newtown Meeting House. I was wondering if anyone knows of a place not far away that if it rains on our wedding day we can have pictures done inside. At a buisness, town hall, anything that might look good for pictures?

Re: back up plan for pictures

  • Unfortunately I only really know of a bunch of outdoor locations.

    I'm not sure how it'd look in pictures, but have you checked out the Edmond Town Hall theatre? 
  • i know a place but it is very far from newtown its city hall in hartford its in a very old building that has cathedral sealing 's marble floors really long staricases. my brother got married this past novemeber and they did pictures there.  not sure if you really want to drive all that way. they have paperwork you can fill out and reserve the place 
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