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Gifts? Parents Gifts?

Besides the bridal party... who else are you giving gifts to? What are some ideas for gifts for parents? I am at a total loss!

Re: Gifts? Parents Gifts?

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    I bought my parents concert tickets to see Eric Clapton in New Orleans in March. It was a pre-wedding Thank You because hes one of their all time favs. I am also going to be giving my vendors some sort of gift certificate to thank them all for making my day so special. I am just still trying to figure out what to get the ringbearers!
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    I'm getting our parents engraved wine bottles with our names and wedding date. It makes for a great keepsake gift without being too cheesy like personalized picture frames, etc...  

    You can also have your wedding invitation engraved on there too. Just a thought....  :)
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    My sister gave my mom and dad each a picture frame that was beautiful - it was wedding related and had their names on it. It was black and white (painted I think). I am getting married in October and thinking about doing a phototile for my parents. We have them at my work and I did one for my mom for Christmas two years ago. If not that, then I have no idea!

    I like the idea of gift certificates for certain people. My sister's husband actually gave Best Buy gift cert. for the groomsmen because that's his favorite store lol.
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