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Engagement Photos...photographer and location suggestions

Hello ladies! I am from North Eastern PA and will be relocating to the Atlanta area to be with my Fiance this summer. We decided to have our engagement photos done in Savannah since that was the first vacations we ever took together (not to mention the fact that it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen!) However, I am not very familiar with the area or local vendors. I was wondering if anybody could suggest a photographer and maybe a few locations. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!

Re: Engagement Photos...photographer and location suggestions

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    I have a suggestion, although perhaps not for Savannah.  Blume Photography is AMAZING...they are a husband and wife team located in Athens, GA.  They are traveling to Savannah to shoot my wedding, but we are doing our engagement shoot in Athens.  There are some really cool locations that they use there for engagement shoots.  I'm not sure where your actual wedding is, but if you don't already have a wedding photographer, I would check them out.
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    Savannah has several GREAT photogs. Christine Hall and Donna Von Bruning are both fabulous IMO. There are several others that also quite good if these are booked but the names don't pop to my mind. Hope this helps some. Congrats!
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    We LOVED Alison Reisz, but she wasn't in our budget for the wedding.  I didn't ask about engagement photos, though.  We're going with Photography by Lori.  She does studio & location sessions and has such a warm personality! 

    As for WHERE to go.... most of our post-ceremony pics were going to be at the gazebo in Whitefield square (where the ceremony will be), or the fragrant garden in Forsyth Park.  I also wanted to do a few shots on the stairs between River Street/Factor's Walk/Bay St.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions ladies, you've given me a great place to start!!!

    kristi...we are getting married in Baltimore actually. His family is all from the south and mine is all from the north. We met in Baltimore, and his sisters live there, it just seemed right to get married there!
  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    Check out Stacy Martinez.  She is amazing. 
    I love shoots on Factor's Walk, Wormsloe Plantation, Ft Pulaski, The Bamboo Farm and Gardens.  I also suggest just walking around a few of the streets and squares.  You could have your photographer pick a 4 block area of town and get some great shots.

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    We had ours done last weekend in Savannah. We did a lot around the different squares (historic downtown). We had some done on pedi-cabs, alleys that looked scary but ended up making great pics, and then went down to river street and ended up taking some on a yacht with a violin player. Most people that have boats there are very friendly. My FI just walked up and asked if we could come onboard to take some pix for our e-session and the captain was just as excited as we were to have us on!  Savannah is a beautiful city with MANY places that would be great for pics! Good luck and have fun!
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    We used Images by Jenny for our October wedding in Savannah.  Her pricing was great, and I was very happy with the photos.

    I looked into some of the other photographers mentioned but they cost more than I wanted to pay, since we only need her for about an hour.

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    I love Jamie at Dreamweaver... she is not to pricey either .
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     I wanted to say howdy.  I grew up in State College. :)
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    Thanks for all the info ladies! I think we have found someone!!! Not expensive at all either!!!

    Hi gtg!!! I am just outside the Wilkes Barre area!!!  31 degrees here right now! Can't wait to move south!!! :)
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    for engagement photos and wedding photos video or wedding dj entertainment use chrisbrock.org, he is great. he did a girlfriends wedding just a few months ago and the pictures from the engagement, wedding and the video are great. for you wedding in  savannah try doing it in one of the squares, those are beautiful places to do it. Forsyth Park is the best!!! good luck :)
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