Bucks County Barn Wedding-- Who runs the show??

Hi all-- I am getting married in Bucks County, PA in July 2013.   We are having a barn wedding and therefore will be doing everything very non-traditionally.  My question is, who runs the show at a wedding like this?  This is a venue that is a complete blank slate and we will be picking all of our own vendors, and doing every bit of decorating and planning, etc ourself.   Who coordinates the ceremony, who coordinates what happens when throughout the reception, who announces when cocktail hour begins and ends, when the cake cutting is, boquet throwing, and everything else is?  Are there people who do this that we hire, such as a coordinator or something? Or do we just run the show ourselves?? Very confused.. If you have had a barn wedding, or know someone who has, or have any input at all, please help!!  

Re: Bucks County Barn Wedding-- Who runs the show??

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