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We will be having two weddings in one day. A hindu ceremony at 2:00 and a christian ceremony at 4:30. The weddings are at the same venue. I am not sure if I need to include the times for both weddings on the invitiation. Everyone is invited to both ceremonies. Or do I include the information on an enclosure card? Any advice or wording ideas for this? 

Re: Hindu/Christian Invitations

  • Are the ceremonies back to back?

    You could word your invite like:

    Please join us for our Hindu ceremony at 2p.m. A Christian ceremony will follow at 4:30pm.

    If there's a time gap between ceremony 1 and ceremony 2, what are you planning on having your guests do? Will there be a cocktail hour? Will they be able to sign the guest book? Take photos in a photo booth? If so, please inform them of this, so they'll know that there's something for them to do.

    Happy planning!!!
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