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Secrets Maroma Honeymoon in September - weather

We are scheduled to go to Mexico in 3 weeks for our honeymoon and we are so excited, except now with the hurricane hitting New Orleans area we are looking closer at the weather in Mexico and of course September is peak hurricane season.  We are really worried. Has anyone been to Mexico in September and faced a hurricane or bad storm? We are wondering if we should risk it or come up with a plan b.

Re: Secrets Maroma Honeymoon in September - weather

  • really? are you joking? why are you 'really worried'?hurricanes go in many different directions. is this the first hurricane you've heard of? i just find the sudden worry very odd. did you not look into the weather in mexico before bookign your HM?  sorry if this sounds harsh i just dont get worrying when there's really nothing to worry about-until there's something to worry about. needless worry over 'what ifs' will only give you an ulcer.
    i've been in cancun (10 times over the past 9 years) for a bad storm but i thank my lucky stars i've never been there for a hurricane. i was there 3 weeks after wilma and it was absolutely smashed to bits. we were lucky our hotel survived and was open.  99% of the hotesl in cancun were closed because of damage. bad damage.
    the point here is this-hope for the best, plan for the worst. what you shoud've done is check the weather for RM before you booked your HM so you'd be aware of the theat. the 2nd thing you should've done was find out what the cancellation/rebooking terms of the hotel and airline are. you can still do that. chances are if a hurricane is going to hit the resort doesn't want you there anyway.


  • My friends HMed there last year in Sept with no issues.  We HMed there mid-Oct 2010 shortly after a hurricane and had gorgeous sunny weather. You'll be fine.
  • I am going a week from today and my fingers are crossed and I am hoping for the best:-)
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