new to this board- intro and question!

hi all! i have lurked on this board before but never posted. i usually post on the april 2012 board because that is when i will be getting married.

i'm actually not a student anymore, i'm a recent grad with a finance degree. i wanted to see if anyone else has been in the same situation as me.. i am thinking of going back to school for a completely different career path. i'm in a job now that i hate, but it isn't just because of this job.. i have been thinking about this for awhile and i wanted to try out working in a few finance related positions before making my decision.

anyone else completely change their mind and go back to school for something else? i am thinking of doing an accelerated nursing program.

Re: new to this board- intro and question!

  • I haven't (I'm also a recent grad, not a student, but I'm very happy in my chosen field), but one of my best friends (and bridemaid) just started nursing school after finishing a Masters in an area that she realized she actually really didn't like after about a year of struggling to find jobs and not liking the ones she did find.  If you're not happy in what you're doing, I think it's a great idea to go back to school for something that excites you.  It can be tough- my friend is working part time and retaking a bunch of the core nursing classes at a local community college at the same time- but so worth it if you end up happier.
  • Welcome!!

    FI graduated in 2010 with a degree he hates. He's considering going back to school but not until after the wedding.

    Best of luck!

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  • Welcome to the board! 

    I haven't but I just wanted to say that if you really are unhappy I think you have a great plan.  I think it's a great idea to work some jobs, get experience, and then go to school.

  • Welcome!

    I was lucky and realized that I needed to switch my career path while I was in school and I'm so glad that I did! What I'm doing now is much more me and something that interests me way more than what i was going for which was just for having a job not the love of it. So, I'm all for finding something that's going to make you happy! I think your idea of trying out a job first is a good idea because it allows to have at least some cash in-flow and get you job experience!

    Good luck to you :)
  • I'm actually thinking about this right now.  I just completed a grad degree in Education and have been teaching for 3 years.  I'm decent at my job, but I work in an inner city school and it's SO STRESSFUL.  I'd really like to be a speech pathologist, but I don't want to go back to school for 3 more years.  Sigh...
  • thanks so much for your responses! it can be really hard to deal with this job when i know it just isn't the right career path for me. i am trying so hard to be grateful that i just have a job and a decent income in this economy.. and just focus on the wedding and everything. but i am the type of person that once i get something in my head, it doesn't go away! so i made this decision to switch careers and i know i have to follow through. i will never be satisfied where i am at.. it made me feel so much better to see all the nice responses though :)

    tully, i feel where you're coming from. it is soo hard to think about going back to school. for me it means more loans.. my FI is a little bit stressed but very supportive. i hope it all works out for you!
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  • I took two years off school working full time after getting my bio degree. I'm in nursing now and getting married in Oct. Do somethig you like and are interested in cuz working til you're 60 in a job/field you hate is going to make you a bitter betty.
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