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Losing extra weight

Is anyone exercising or dieting for their wedding?  I know mine is pretty far away, but I want to stay motivated throughout so come wedding time I wont really stress. I would like to weigh around 115 or so, and keep it off.  With the holidays and the winter coming up, I'm sure ill be around the 130 range (just being honest.)   

I'd love to hear what everyone is doing for themselves. :)

Re: Losing extra weight

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    I honestly have just really started watching what I eat, and eating in moderation. I would love to be able to start back at a gym but with my hectic work and school schedule I just haven't found time (aka motivation!)....I really think that I will start back up exercising soon, but I am not going to overdo it, weight is one last thing to stress about with planning :)
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    I really can't gain or lose anything because my dress fits perfectly right now and I don't wanna get it altered.  cheap=me.  :)

    But, I'm pretty happy about where I'm at with my body.  I work out 5-6 days a week.  When I started exercising on a regular basis, the most important thing was just to make sure I did it.  You'll get to the point where your body feels weird if you don't work out.  I made a habit of exercising 3x a week (plus two dog walks a day).  Then I wanted to work out more. Now, I try to mix things up by doing some DVDs at home (Jillian Michaels' stuff is good) and doing different things at the gym.  When I eat more, I work out harder. 

    When I was looking to lose, I cut down my portion size and didn't eat as many desserts.  Over time, I dropped 30 pounds.  Now I maintain and put more of a priority of feeling healthy.

    It takes 6 weeks to make a habit, right?  Make sure you keep at it for a few months before throwing in the towel.
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    I have joined Weight Watchers and have already lost 5% of my weight in four weeks. While I know that the weight will not come off at amazing rates after a time, it feels good to eat healthy and pay attention to myself for a change.
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    I started getting fit back in July. I joined Urban Active and have been eating smaller meals 5-6 times a day and have lost 2 pant sizes to far. I'm not going by a scale because I've been doing weight training and muscle weighs more, so I didn't want that number to freak me out. I definitely feel a lot better than I used to.

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    I have too- although I don't want to do a crash diet or anything and lose TOO much weight, then not fit in my dress! lol.

    Other than diet and exercising, I've totally cut out fast food, and only have one unhealthy meal a week (usually pizza while we are watching football.) I am also getting alli, and will try that for awhile.

    As far as working out, streaming Netflix is awesome. It has several work out tapes to stream that I enjoy- I recommend the ones by Self magazine as well as the choose your own level. I also have one of those spin disks that I love!

    Good luck!
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    I sell/use Herbalife and lost 13 pounds and 10 inches in 4 weeks and have KEPT it off! My mom uses/sells it too and has lost 80 pounds and has KEPT it off!
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    I have cut out pop...and fast food.  I also began working out 5-6 days a week (I usually go straight from work so I don't get home and become unmotivated, then I tend to skip Friday/Saturday).  I have only been doing it a couple weeks and have lost 6 pounds.
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    I don't really have much weight to lose, but I've been working on toning up now that my wedding is getting close. I walk or run a 5k with the dog pretty much every day. More recently I have started doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (5-6 times per week) and I really like that. Its only 20 minutes so you still have plenty of time to do other exercising with it if you want.

    I stink at dieting but I've been working on cutting down portions a bit and trying to cook healthier.

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