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I'm engaged!!!!!!

I just have to spill because I am SO excited.
My FI and I met in Biloxi, MS when we were doing Hurricane Katrina relief work. He came from Wyoming and I came with my parents and younger brother from Tennessee. He came at first for only a week, and then came back for six months as a  long term volunteer. I was there for almost two years. When we first met,  I was 15 and he was 19, so he did not pursue me or even displayed interest for me becuase he was 4 years old than me. I had a desperate crush on him and thought he was the hottest man alive. I thought I was just a silly little girl with a silly little crush and never thought I'd ever get him. And I didn't, until two and a half years later. He stayed in MS for a total of ten months and left in December of 2007. I stayed until April 2008. We hardly talked the rest of 2008 but I did wish him a Merry Christmas (by "slyly" sending a text "Merry Christmas, baby" to my best friend and him at the same time. He said "oh I like the sound of that" HOW did i not know he liked me?) and then we kind of flirted back and forth the beginning of February 2009 to about June. I was planning on leaving for a mission trip to Mexico on the last Friday of June. That Wednesday, we had been talking and I told him I loved him like a brother. (There was NO way I was going to confess my love to him) He took that as "game over" and I left on Friday for the trip. I was gone and without my phone for 12 days and when I got back I sent him a text that said, "Guess what I was doing for the past 12 days? Stuff like we did in Biloxi together." We got to talking and he said, "So, I've got a girl now." I CRIED. I didn't realize he meant that much to me at the time. I just said though, "Oh good. That's great." He told me that it was an old friend and they kissed and he guesses they are together now. I was relaying the story back to my sister that night and went for a potty break. When I got back, she had sent him a text saying, "you made me cry." I ended up having to explain it to him and he answered, "well, I lied." I said "about what?"


We ended up talking for a week (although we argue what day) and I ended up saying, "so what are we doing?" and he said, "I don't know. I guess seeing if we could date."
Apparently I said, "Well that's stupid. Why don't we just see if we can get married?"
So he replied with, "alright. Want to be my girl?"

That was in July of 2009. Mind you, we were still separated by 1500 miles (me in TN, and him in WY) and stayed that way until I moved in November of 2010. Easter Sunday, April 24th, after we had gone to church, eaten lunch with family, we went to his great-grandparents homestead (the place where his family first settled 110 years ago) to take pictures to hang in our new house (we are still waiting to close on it and needed something to lift our spirits). We were taking pictures and were posed with my arms around his neck and his around my waist. I told him that I liked that pose because I got to look at him. He laughed and kissed me and said, "Guess what?"
He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so so perfect for us. Beautiful skies, by his family's beginning, after a wonderful day with his family (his mom sister and dad were there when he asked. And his grandparents because we hiked around for an hour and couldn't find the homestead)

He is SO absolutely my love. I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect.

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