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How are you greeting your guests? I was sure we wanted to go table to table during the reception but I know the past two weddings I went to 1) I had to leave early so didn't get a chance for the bride and groom to get to our table. We just grabbed them for a second before we left. 2) The bride and groom never got to our table between them trying to enjoy themselves on the dancefloor and some tables taking tooo much of their time. Again, had to go grab them for a second because they never came to our table. I would feel bad if someone had to leave and I didn't get a chance to speak to them.

I thought dismissing rows would take to long but I've heard feedback that it goes quick. We're having 125 guests and even just giving them a quick hug and saying hi I would feel so much better.

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  • Hmm... good question! I've thought about this a lot. We are having 175-185 guests... There is no way we can reach all of them within the 3 hour period of the reception and still have a good time. I know some tables will talk my head off. So I figured I would greet some tables (especially those that I know very well) and catch the rest on the dancefloor.
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  • I'm skipping the receiving line for two reasons:
    1. There are alot of people that are going to hug and congratulate you and repeat what the other person before them said and what the next person will say. What we opted for was table visits because it's a buffet dinner and we eat first so we'll get to everyone before they're done eating.

    2. We decided against the first look so we're using receiving line time as picture time; seems like a decent trade off..
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  • We don't have a lot of guests coming, and because we went with the oval table option at our venue, we don't have so many tables to greet (exactly 10 tables)...
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  • I don't know what we're doing but I know we aren't dismissing rows. I think I want to go around to every table but that requires us to eat before we are introduced. I don't think we'd ge tto greet everyone any other way... on the flip side I don't really even want to LOL. 

    I think we'll do a mixture of tables and being grabbed while on the dance floor for a photo or hug. 
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  • We're probably going to do table visits during dinner. We have 14 tables, so I'm thinking 3-5 minutes per table, would be about an hour. I've already come to terms that I'm not going to eat. I'll just have a big lunch that day. I'm pretty used to not eating anyway, and I can't imagine that I'll even be hungry with all the excitement.
  • Im doing both receiving line and table visits... 35 guests its no issue.. There are 4 tables....
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    [QUOTE]I think we'll do a mixture of tables and being grabbed while on the dance floor for a photo or hug. 
    Posted by Soon2BSand[/QUOTE]


    Receiving line will be picture time and my wedding is in the fall, so it will be dark sooner than later.
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  • I think I'm going to mix dismissing rows and going to tables. We're taking pictures after the ceremony so no receiving line. I also plan to eat and have fun at my wedding! I don't want to spend all that time talking! LOL Plus FI  hometown is only 45 min away. I imagine some of his guests will drive back home that night so they might leave earlier and I don't want to miss them.
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    I personally dont like receiving lines because it reminds me of the church let out and it cuts into picture time
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  • I cut this so we would not have to cut any picture time. I see us greeting people a little during cocktail time and after we eat to go around to tables, hug , etc. Also, we are having an after party later that night, so we will be focused on those leaving town following the reception.
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