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So I bought my wedding dress and i love it!! The biggest down side is its really heavy. So my mom was thinking about me getting a "reception" dress what do you guys think about this idea?

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    I had a reception dress, and it was awesome!   It was really fun to get to change, and have pictures done in two different dresses, and all the comments from everyone there were really positive, and they loved getting to see another dress too. 

    My second dress was much lighter than the ceremony dress, and it was more comfortable to be able to eat and dance in. 
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    If it's in your budget, go for it.  There are some really cute options out there now.
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    My friend was married in June and she's a heat pansy, so she asked the dress shop owner where she purchased her dress if some of the layers could be removed. The lady reached underneath her and just yanked them out! It was a little terrifying, but made the dress about 50lbs lighter and it still looked just as gorgeous and didn't lose any of its fullness. If you love your wedding dress now, perhaps asking some questions about having this done (maybe a little less abruptly) could help. 

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    I have a reception dress as well that I may change into.  Just depends on how I'm feeling really!  I would just go look at see what you find. POB has some ridiculously cute ones!!
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    sld0618 whats POB?
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    I've always loved the idea of having a reception dress. I picture it being a shorter version of my first dress. haha.  I'm just getting started though and don't even have my first dress yet.  Hope you find something you love. 
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    Priscilla Of Boston  i think:)
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