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Communion at ceremony

Hey ladies!
Since FI and I started planning our wedding, I knew I wanted to do communion during our ceremony. It would be just for us. No unity candle, no sand ceremony, etc.

Now everyone I share this detail with keeps asking if I'm sure. What if I get juice on my dress... I never had that thought until others brought it up.

Have any of you done communion during your ceremony? Are you planning to? How did you or will you keep your dress juice free?

Thank you for the advice! And sorry for my lack of paragraphs. TK mobile. Lol
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Re: Communion at ceremony

  • I don't know how your church typically does communion, but what if you used one of those tiny plastic cups that some churches use to hold the juice/wine?
  • We did communion at our wedding.  Our pastor and his wife let us use their personal communion set from their wedding, which was so sweet.  It was a goblet.  H served me first, then I served him.  I did not get juice on my dress.  Honestly, it's one drink, I doubt you're going to spill.
  • Agape That's what we normally we, the small plastic cups. I haven't talked logistics with our Pastor yet since we aren't getting married in our church. It was too small. : Dramageek That's what I keep thinking too. I take communion every week and haven't spilled yet. Maybe other people think we are going to dip and feed each other.
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  • We did communion at our wedding as well, just the two of us. We had a goblet that we drank from. We did not dip the bread (which we don't normally do anyways). There were no issues, and nothing was spilled on our clothes. 

    If you're worried about spilling, have you considered doing a white wine or white grape juice? I know it's not done as often, but I've been to churches that did it that way.
  • We didn't have communion technically, but we drank red wine from a cup (Orthodox Christian ceremony).  I got nothing on my dress.  I took baby sips, and it was never a problem.  No one will notice.  
  • Azdancer someone actually suggested this to me. To be honest, I worried that my pastor would not take well to it since we still use regular grape juice. And by taking the clear juice, will it still have the symbolism of blood? Maybe I'm over thinking.
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  • Gjones this is exactly what I'm thinking. Thank you all so much for your advice!!
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  • I'd do clear and just hope nobody noticed
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  • While I also like Gjones didn't take communion, I had to drink red wine from a goblet.  I ddin't spill anything and I had to drink three times, plus it was served to me.  I think you will be fine :)
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