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AHR situation... hope it works!!!

So we booked a location for our AHR which is really exciting BUT here is the thing that is pretty lame, I know most people would say I shouldn’t of booked it but **Hopefully** i know it will be fine. It’s a small little vineyard right here where we live so people will be close to home and hotels. We booked from 6-11pm. We are having 130-150 people come but it only seats 80-90 comfortably. However, there is a tasting room, and 2 fire areas people can mingle and walk around the vineyard. We aren’t having a sit down dinner its buffet style so I am hoping this will work out. . . . The reason we booked it. . only $500 bucks! They have a wedding booked the same day but the couple didn’t want to reserve the whole vineyard so they were renting the other side for more than 50% off. For me this is not my wedding day it’s just a party. If this were my wedding there is NO way I would have booked it. I feel like I'm thinking to positive though. Any advice? :) Thanks Ladies!

Re: AHR situation... hope it works!!!

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    I don't see how whether it's your wedding or AHR affects whether you're a good hostess :)  Sorry if it's not what you want to hear, but I think it's a mistake to expect 150 attendees and have only 90 seats.  I would not stay very long at a party where I didn't have a place to sit, especially if you expected me to 1) dress decently aka heels, 2) eat 3) stay 5 hours.  I can stand for 5 hours in my runners and sweats.  I can eat standing at a cocktail table.  But what you described sounds...difficult.

    Can you inqure about adding seating in the tasting room and fire areas, or extra tables just outside of your current room?  I think you absolutely need to provide a place to sit for every one of your expected guests.  At a minimum, extra benches so people can rest, but ideally, a seat with corresponding table space.  Eating out of your lap, or while holding the plate with one hand, is just not very elegant. 

    I'm sure there are some other creative ideas out there!
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    I should acctually mention I havent recived the contract yet and I'm worried now, that the space might even be smaller than she really said trying to make me feel better. There was another place that had lots of space and seating but they only let you rent for 3 hours and its double the cost of the other. . . I think my gut is telling me not to go with the small place its just hard. i worry that only 100 people will come and I will have spent more money than needed. :( stressful situation. Thank you for your advice though becuase your right. I don;t want anyone to say anything about how it wasnt fun or I wasnt a good host.
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    That's a tough one because your venue sounds great!  The guaranteed seats vs. how many people you expect is a bit out of whack though, like Tanq pointed out.  What if everyone showed up and then they just had to stand around looking at eachother?  I know you wouldn't want that! 

    Hopefully you can find a perfect venue for your AHR that will meet all your needs, good luck!!
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    Yeah its very cute, but I just don't want to have this stress for the next few months worring how many people come. I mean I could have 10 extra or 50 not worth it. I want to be able to invite everyone I want, not worry that we might not have enough space. It's so funny I was so excited I found a place I didnt think the logistics through then I got tanq's message and I was like DUH lol I need to not stress about it so much and it will work out. Worst case my parents have property I can put a pretty tent on and have it there. :) Thank you for not letting me get myself in a bad situation! That place didnt even allow music! how lame :)
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