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Hey ladies,

How close to the wedding do I begin alterations (wedding is in May)?

Also, can anyone recommend a seamstress and a place to get my dress pressed?

Thanks!!! Hope everyone has a fabulous holiday! :-)

Re: alterations/seamstress/dress pressed

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    Are you in Omaha? I took my dress to Karen Tangeman in Papillion and she is amazing. VERY afordable and fast. My wedding is Dec 17 and I took my dress in Nov 1 and it was done this week. She is very knowledgable and good at what she does. HIGHLY recommend! 
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    Thanks! I am in Omaha. Our wedding is in may and I keep hearing to start fittings really early!
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    If you use karen, I started my fittings 6 weeks before. She is very quick to have things done and mine took 3 fittings to get things perfect. She's very easy to work with and told me yesterday that's she been doing this for 36 years! 
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