just curious. is save the date more of an american thing? i see them talked about so much on the boards but i have actually never received one! though i find i always get invitation about 3-4 months in advance which is way earlier them the board etiquette seems to advise.


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    I was wondering that too, as I've never gotten one... but the stationery shop I ordered mine at said it was starting to become more popular.  We're choosing to do them because we're having a daytime weekday wedding, right after labour day long weekend - otherwise, I wouldn't.

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    We did STD's!  I used VistaPrint Canada to make a magnet that we sent out in November (we got married in August).  I think from friends and family who have gotten married, about half of them sent out STD's, the others just verbally told us the date.  I thought it was fun, but some people on a budget can save in that area by doing it online.

    This was ours:

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    We sent a STD email.
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    Yeah, out of the dozen or so weddings I've attended, I think only one couple has ever sent a STD. One or two others may have sent a casual email to let me know when the date was. I also sent a casual email to OOT guests.
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    I've never actually received an STD though I've only been to five weddings and since they were very close family members I only received one invite. Most of them just told me what was going on.  I love the idea and have made my own.  Should be sending them out around September.
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    I've never received a STD, but generally I have been told the date verbally months before the invitation arrives. It just seems like an extra, unnecessary expense to me.
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    Ya, I've been to several weddings and never heard of an STD before going on this website.  Everyone just asks when our date is anyway! haha
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